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iphoto Letterpress Christmas Cards 2010
News and Media Author: Clifton Judge
iphoto Letterpress Christmas Cards 2010
The new Apple iphoto letterpress cards make finding a letterpress Christmas card easy using the new iphoto 11 upgrade. Thousands of people will know about the beauty of letterpress printing. With what was a handful of companies like Page Stationery that offered cards of this sort through this age-old tradition, there are still unique differences that a buyer should be aware before considering purchasing through Apple iphoto.

By getting the Apple iphoto letterpress printing, you are getting a preprinted letterpress card on  "premium paper". This is not 100% cotton paper nor is it a thick 600gsm paper. Letterpress printing looks and feels best on a ultra-thick 100% cotton paper. You get better impression, depth and look and feel to the paper. Letterpress makes you want to reach out and touch the paper. The paper being used for the Apple cards looks to be considerably less thick than 300gsm. They are limited in that they must print the photo digitally or offset onto this paper, and super thick papers just don't work with those digital printers. Another point to consider is that Apple is farming this job out twice to different printers, once for letterpress and once for digital. This increases cost considerably. Apple states the price is going to be $3 a card which is expensive for what you get.

Another point to consider. For the same money wouldn't you rather have the letterpress card customized and fully letterpress printed? I think adding a real picture is much more elegant than a digital picture. Having the card completely letterpress printed just shows off how nice the card is and you get the benefit of the thicker paper as well as the real photo. If you are concerned about the environment, other letterpress printers also offer a range of environmental choices including solar powered printing, 100% cotton or recycled papers and the use of vegetable based inks that the Apple letterpress cards don't.

Regardless, the new letterpress cards are nice and well designed. More importantly, Christmas is one special occasion wherein you get the chance of spending happy moments with your family and friends. Sending unique Christmas cards is the most popular and best way in expressing your warm greetings to your loved ones. It is a special way in sharing your love and wishes to them.

Despite of the advantages of technology in communicating messages, writing physical greeting cards is still of value today. Though sending e-cards is the most practical way, there are still many people who opt to create their own greeting cards. In fact, there are many different cards that you can still see in many stationary stores. You can find different styles and designs. But purchasing them is unnecessary since it may require spending a lot of money. You may actually create these cards using your own personal way. This means you may send handmade Christmas cards. You may just get unique Christmas card ideas from these cards for sale.

Unique personalized Christmas cards show a different impression from those ready-made cards to the recipient. How nice it is if someone gave you a card wherein you can notice his/her efforts in making that special card for you. How much more when that card compliments your taste! Surely, you will feel satisfied and feel loved. You would then consider this card as your priceless gift.

Making custom holiday cards might be time consuming since you need to exert efforts and add creativity. To personalize greeting cards, you need to identify the taste and personality of your recipient. Know his/her favorite styles and designs. You may want it to look colorful or something that will set a nice mood. You may make it sentimental, cool or romantic. There are endless possibilities as long as you consider the taste or likes of your recipient.

Your unique Christmas cards should not let you to spend much money. It is something that should not be equated with a certain amount because your efforts in making the cards are priceless. Check first, maybe you have items which may help you in making Christmas cards. You may use extra colored papers, cards or cut out pictures.

Furthermore, you may personalize your greeting cards by utilizing your computer. You may use it in search for different backgrounds, themes, colors, font styles, or borders. Be sure to match these things with each other. You may actually see the results by using your computer.

Your Christmas message is the most important part of your cards. Whatever letterpress card you choose, you need to express sincerity in writing your wordings. You also need to include a brief profile of the person to whom you are going to send the card. It is important that your designs will represent your message.

There are actually endless possibilities in making unique holiday photo cards and letterpress birth announcements, all you have to do is to incorporate your own style and use your creativity.
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Writers Resource: For more designs and information on iphoto letterpress card personalized and to see other beautiful designs like iphoto letterpress card apple ilife cards click on these links or visit Page Stationery.

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