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Scan Your Articles And Content For Quality Factors That Google Requires For Proper Rankings

High quality content is required to obtain rankings in the search engines. With recent updates that Google has done to it's algorithm it has many running to produce high quality content now. Marketers Domination has offered this ability for years because we firmly believe that you should produce quality content for your readers and search engines.

There are many factors that go into writing quality content and for this reason the article content scanner was created. Quality content is not just about writing well or making sure you have proper spelling and grammar. It goes into far more details with the grade level, semantically related words, significant amount of words, and keyword density.

The content scanner will give you all these factors so you know exactly what you need to improve on your article or content. By improving your articles and content you will be showing to the search engines that you produce high quality content which will lead to increased rankings and additional website traffic.

When you add your article or content to the content scanner it will produce results based on these factors:

Reading Grade
Flesch-Kincaid reading ease - How easy the content is to read.
Flesch-Kincaid grade level - The grade level the content is based on.

Estimated number of sentences - How many sentences the content contains.
Average words per sentence - The average number of words for each sentence.
Average syllables per word - How many syllables there are per word.
Total number of words - The total number of words for your content.
Total significant words - Total number of words minus the stop words.
Ratio of significant words - The percentage of significant words in the content.

Keyword Density
1 Word keyword - (ie: articles)
2 Word keyword phrases - (ie: article marketing)
3 Word keyword phrases - (ie: article marketing strategies)

The grade level depending upon niche must be between 8th grade and 10th grade for most content (some content will need to be as high as 14th or higher grade level). The grade level will help you in determining if your visitors can understand your content.

The Estimated number of sentences, average words per sentence, and average syllables per word are pretty much self explained. They are there to give you an idea of what your content contains. The total number of words in your content is very important to pay attention to because the more quality content you provide the better.

Your content or articles should be a decent length of no less than 500 words but you would benefit a great deal more if your content was closer to 1,000 words. The reason being is because the total number of significant words is what the search engines see. In other words if you have a 1,000 word article and it contains 250 stop words then the search engines will see a 750 word article.

The keyword density section of the content scanner will show you in percentages what keywords or phrases are showing in your content. The single and 2 word phrases are the most important for you to pay attention to.

Once you run a scan on your articles or content and see the results, you will be able to edit your content directly in the content scanner. You can tweak it to change or add more content or replace stop words with other semantically related words. You then have the ability to rescan your content and it will show you the previous percentages along with the new percentages. This way you know what you have increased and what you have not.

With the content scanner at your disposal you will be able to create the high quality content that you desire. You can use the tool for more than just articles, you could also use it for all the content on your website so you can increase the value of your websites content. The content scanner is an exclusive tool only available from Marketers Domination.

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