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Backlink Searcher Tool

Locate And Save To Your Favorites Do Follow Websites Where You Can Obtain Backlinks

It is imperative that backlink building becomes part of your marketing for your business. Many get confused when it comes to proper backlink building and these people usually end up following the crowd. It is great to get anchor text backlinks that are dofollow and it is even better to have free backlinks.

Understand there is a proper way and a wrong way to build links though. There are a dozens of websites selling do follow link building services. These type of sites may do more damage to your business than good. Many of these websites fill their sales copy with words such as 'High PR Backlinks', 'Do Follow Backlinks', 'EDU and Gov Backlinks'.

Free backlink building should be done by yourself for your own business. While Page Rank is still pushed to this day as being highly important, nothing could be further from the truth. Page rank only has a small impact on your rankings and certainly do not have the impact that many of these Backlink building websites claim.

For this reason the backlink searcher tool was created. You can enter your keyword in the backlink search tool and it will present you with a list of related websites that are dofollow. You can check each of the sites to see if these websites would be good to get a back link from. You want to make sure that you pay close attention to the quality of the site and not just look at the page rank.

A great feature on the backlink search tool is that you have the ability to add sites to your favorites. Adding sites to your favorites will allow you to go back and visit those sites later. So if you did a search and a list of websites comes up, you could visit each one and see which ones you like and click on add to favorites.

After doing a few searches and finding websites that meet the quality you are looking for, then just go to your favorites page and visit each site to obtain a backlink from them. Since you have these sites in your favorites you can take your time and participate on these sites for stronger back links.

You do have the ability to add to favorites or delete sites from your favorites if you feel they are no longer any good to you. The backlink searcher is an exclusive tool only available from Marketers Domination.

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