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Hemorrhoid Causes - Constipation
Health and Medical Author: Tony Perez
Hemorrhoid Causes - Constipation
There are various hemorrhoid causes. Piles or hemorrhoids are veins around the rectal area that are swollen. They are similar to varicose veins that appear on someone's legs.

What varicose veins and hemorrhoids have in common is that they can both be the result of straining to evacuate your bowels. The veins in your legs run back up your legs through a series of valves that keep the blood from falling back down your legs.

The pressure and strain of constipation can damage these valves and not allow the veins to hold up the blood in your veins. Thus causing the unsightly painful varicose veins to appear.

Hemorrhoids too can be the result of constipation. The veins at the end of the rectum and around the anus perform the function of feeding blood to the sphincter muscle that aids in the passage of stool.

Constipation can be caused by a physical obstruction in the colon or it can be due to improper diet and not drinking enough fluids. Constipation results from fecal matter remaining too long in the colon. The stool hardens and requires a lot of effort to evacuate.

Over time with recurrent constipation the veins in this area are filled with blood and stretched like balloons. Eventually they bulge and hang out of the rectum and become painful. They will bleed and itch.

Other causes of hemorrhoids include:


prolonged sitting



heavy lifting



As you may well know there are two types of hemorrhoids, external and internal.

External hemorrhoids occur around the outside rim of the anus. They are the hemorrhoids that commonly cause itching, burning, and pain. An external hemorrhoid can be very painful if it develops into a clot. If the hemorrhoid's blood supply is cut off, it develops a clot and is said to thrombosed.

Internal hemorrhoids develop within the anal passage. Most often you are not aware that they exist because they are usually painless. One is first aware of them if they begin to bleed. The bleeding is caused by hard stool rubbing against them during a bowel movement.

Internal hemorrhoids can also appear outside the anus. They often appear grapelike and are said to be prolapsed and can also be very painful.

Simple natural treatments include diet and exercise to promote regular bowel movement. If you have sedentary job, be sure to stand up regularly and walk around whenever possible. Do not lift heavy objects. Remember to drink plenty of water.

Remember that varicose veins and hemorrhoids can result from the pressure and strain exerted by constipation.  The veins in the rectum and anus area are over extended by the strain and begin to bulge outside the anus causing itching and burning. If they are not attended to, they can develop a condition of thrombosis for external hemorrhoids or prolapsed internal hemorrhoids.

There are other hemorrhoid causes and there are simple natural treatments and practices that can easily rid the hemorrhoid sufferer within days without the use of over the counter creams and ointments.

You can rid yourself of hemorrhoids permanently within days naturally. If you are ready to get rid of the pain, burning, and itching, there is no better way than with a simple proven natural system.
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