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Your backlinks must be indexed and valid to Increase search engine ranking
Internet Marketing Author: Kim Kitchener
Your backlinks must be indexed and valid to Increase search engine ranking
So you've spent hours if not days building backlinks to increase search engine ranking to your site. Maybe you will have used one of several link packages that you can obtain on any number of forums or you've gone out and located the sites manually. Whichever way your backlinks have been gained you probably feel good that you have got a lot of new backlinks to your site.

Before you congratulate your self too much though there are two things that you need to remember where backlinks are concerned. One is that unless the site is of good authority in Google's eyes then there is a chance that the link is not going to get indexed. The other thing is that with the amount of people spamming certain sites some webmasters are becoming fed up and deleting a persons profiles from their sites.

Therefore it is important to know which of your links have been indexed and which of your profiles continue to be active. What use is having a backlink that leads nowhere or a profile on a social bookmarking site that nobody will ever see. Now you have two choices when doing this, either manual or automatic.
If you select to try and do it manually you will need to take each link and check it in Google to see if it has been indexed. You will then need to take that indexed link and check the site which you placed it on to see if it is still valid.

Alternatively you could use software to automate the process for you and although there's a cost this will save you lots of time in the long run. Imagine trying to check a batch of fifty backlinks, how long would that take if you did it manually.
It will probably take you a good few hours and how dispirited would you feel if you found that doing all that hard work you only had a couple of live links that were indexed.  That is certainly no good when you are looking to increase search engine ranking.

Now look at it using this method, you automate the process and it tells you that you only have two valid live links. Although not what you want to hear five minutes is better than two hours to get told that. While automation is certainly the best way to go when wanting to check the validity of your links, you should be careful as there are a lot of people out there offering you the next best thing that will do this job at a big price.
A lot of these so called Guru's that exist online will forever tell you that you need to spend money to make money.  Whilst that is true to some extent you can still be successful without spending a fortune.  
If you are just starting out then there is some great software to choose from which will do a great job for you at less than $20 . To increase search engine ranking it is not the quality of the software you have but the quality and the validity of your backlinks.
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Making sure that your backlinks are indexed is only half of the battle when looking to get an improved search engine ranking. The other half is making sure that your profile links are still valid.

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