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Clicker is Important On Prize Wheel
News and Media Author: Brian Jardine
Clicker is Important On Prize Wheel
A prize wheel can be a marketing strategisté─˘s best friend when treated with the tender, loving care that it deserves. When years of heavy use begin to take their toll, however, a good portion of its efficacy can be lost. Maintaining an American made prize wheel is surprisingly simply and inexpensive, yet many individuals neglect to invest the minimal time and energy to give back to a tool that has brought them tremendous success.

Some would be surprised to find that, out of the many wonderful features that make up a prize wheel, the clicker is one of the most important. This small piece incorporates the sense of hearing into the enjoyable experience one can have playing "spin the wheel" or "wheel of fortune".

Since the beginning of mankind, the sense of hearing has played an important, though under appreciated, role in keeping people safe and helping them survive. It should come as no surprise, then, that sound continues to play a large part in the human experience and has very real effects on the brain. The truth is, a person needs that clicker for prize wheel fun. Imagine the world on mute like a muted television show.

The extent to which the sense of hearing can impact a personé─˘s experience may be greater than most would imagine. A poorly understood phenomena known as brain wave entertainment illustrates the power of sound in a clinically observable way. Put simply, when two sounds of different frequencies are introduced, the brain will synchronize its electrical activity to the difference. For example, if a sound of 800 hertz is introduced to the right ear and a sound of 810 hertz is introduced to the left, the electrical activity across the brain would be synchronized to 10 hertz.

Though the applications for such brain wave manipulation are still being investigated, researchers have already identified the phenomena as a viable means to develop a secure communications system. The sounds that the individual perceives as speech would actually be the product of two separate sounds. In other words, the sensation of hearing a message would be experienced not as auditory stimuli but almost as a thought.

The implications for such near telepathic communications do not have to be spoken. While a clicker for prize wheel marketing is incapable of brain wave entertainment, its effects on a personé─˘s mood are indisputable. Who can resist the feeling of excitement when one hears the click, sees the spin, and conceives of the possibility to win a prize on a spin wheel? It is clear that one truly needs that clicker for prize wheel fun.
Total Views: 647 | Approx word count : 472 | 08/12/2011
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