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Choosing the Best Alliance Leveling Guide
Choosing the Best Alliance Leveling Guide

If you are leveling an Alliance character you need to find the best guide available. What should you look for in a guide? Why should you buy a guide rather than use a free guide? These are all questions you should find the answers to in order to choose the best guide for you.

What to look for in a guide
There are many things to look for in a guide. There are many guides to choose from, and it can be frustrating to know which one will help you the most. To start, look to see if the guide is helping other people. If others have been helped, you probably will as well. Look for in game support. Many of the guides available come with ad ons that you can use in game to level your character faster.
What is your goal with the guide? There are guides covering every aspect of the game. You can find professions guides, or gold guides. You can find guides to power leveling, or for PvP. Depending upon what you want your guide to do, you can find a guide to help with everything you need.

Some guides will claim to help with certain aspects of the game, but most of the information is basic stuff that you can get anywhere. Make sure the guide provides specific information on the areas you need help, without a lot of fluff and filler.
Paid vs. free guides
There are many guides that you can find free around the net. The problem with most of these guides is the accuracy. The users on those websites create most of these guides, and often the information is inaccurate. Gamers who know what they are doing, on the other hand, write guides that are more accurate. They update their guides often to keep up with the constant changes in the game. Usually, you get these updates for free. You should not have to buy the guide again just because the game has changed.
Choosing a guide for your Game
When you choose your leveling guide, take the time to research the guides you are looking at. You should find at least three or four guides and compare the interfaces available. Once you have done this you can decide which guide has the features that will help you the most. Compare the features, the price of the guide, and all the aspects that will enhance your game.
Once you have done all this, you will be well equipped to choose the best guide to help you through the game.

Total Views: 459 | Approx word count : 438 | 01/16/2010
Writers Resource: Bio I have been playing WoW for over 3 years. I have started reviewing some of the best World of Warcraft guides to help you choose the best guides for you. If you are leveling an Alliance character, check out Zygor's Leveling guide reviewed today.

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