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Zoysia Grass Sod Has Great Landscaping Benefits
Home and Family Author: Brian Jardine
Zoysia Grass Sod Has Great Landscaping Benefits
One of the most versatile species of sod, Zeon Zoysia grass sod is a good choice whether you are laying a lawn or a golf course. This variety is dark green in color and has a fine blade. With the ability to perform well in the full spectrum of sun exposure, from full sun to shady conditions, this sod is perfect for any home with inconsistent lighting. Amazingly, this species of grass is cold hardy and drought tolerant, too. It's almost the perfect grass.

There is nothing average about Zeon Zoysia grass sod. Even insects and plant diseases can't stop this grass variety from providing you with a great looking, healthy lawn. Maintenance is rarely an issue with this variety of sod. A rotary motor can be used without fear of damaging the lawn. Regardless of the application, this variety of grass will perform well. Even when adverse conditions such as frost, drought, and shade are likely, this variety of sod is a better choice than the rest. After the roots are established, the grass grows rapids outward. As a result, it can easily compete with weeds. Because it is so low maintenance, it is perfect for busy homeowners. In fact, Zeon should be the first choice for any homeowner struggling to make a decision. Regardless of environmental conditions, this sod will do the job.

Whether it is destined for the backyard of a four bedroom house in the suburbs of Atlanta or the recreation area of a skyscraper in the city, this grass is sure to please even the most persnickety property owners. Because of its low maintenance demands, beautiful appearance, and resistance to insect and disease issues, this sod can seem perfect for every location. It isn't, however, perfect for every application. Zoysia grass sod is highly wear tolerant but repairs slowly, making it unsuitable for high traffic soccer or football fields.

To decide on the best sod for your particular project, contact a local sod farmer. Try to learn about each variety of sod before making a purchase. This can save you a great deal of time and money and ensure that your lawn will be healthy and attractive for years to come.
Total Views: 408 | Approx word count : 398 | 09/23/2011
Writers Resource: Sod Atlanta, Inc. is a team of Zoysia grass sod sod professionals committed to the production of premium Zoysia grass sod sod and services. Sod Atlanta is a family owned sod farm located in Cartersville, GA that specializes in locally grown, premium sod varieties of Bermuda, Fescue, Centipede and Zoysia.
Discover more about Zoysia grass sod and learn more about local sod farmer by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Atlanta sod pallets .

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