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Your Cigarette Addiction is Physical
Health and Medical Author: R. Millard Hume
Your Cigarette Addiction is Physical
Cigarette addiction is a biological and psychological condition that compels a person to satisfy the need for a particular stimulus (in this case nicotine) and to keep satisfying it, no matter what.

A person with a strong cigarette dependency, one who is addicted to cigarettes or nicotine, has a condition that undermines optimal function and drives that person to compulsively use and abuse nicotine despite the negative consequences.

How can you better understand your cigarette dependency? Consider, for example, your morning cup of coffee. It's a strong dependency or addiction much like your nicotine addiction.

All you have to do is skip your first cup of the day, and you will quickly learn about your body's dependence on caffeine. This does not necessarily mean that you are addicted to caffeine, only that your body wants it, and let's you know with that splitting headache that it expects some coffee, and you're not supplying it.

Your nicotine habit is very similar except with one important difference, nicotine is a much more powerful drug, one of the main reasons that cigarette addiction is so hard to overcome.

The addicting aspects of nicotine are well known. In low concentrations, nicotine is a stimulant and is the main factor responsible for the dependence-forming properties of tobacco smoking. You feel good from the stimulant effect of nicotine, you smoke more, your body develops tolerance, so you smoke even more. A vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

At this point in the cycle, you have two choices. STOP and suffer the consequences, or feed yourself more nicotine. Neither of which you want to do. So, introduce a third choice. Reduce the nicotine you ingest over time, reduce your dependency in the process, and begin to cut back. This is where electronic cigarettes come in to play.

You will be able to monitor and control your nicotine more closely than with traditional cigarettes while eliminating the things you don't want. You'll smell better and won't annoy your friends either. Start today and see how e-cigs can help you kick your nicotine habit.
Total Views: 517 | Approx word count : 367 | 08/31/2011
Writers Resource: Discover the benefits of electronic cigarettes. Do your due diligence and research as much as you can about what to look for in an e-cigarette The world of smoking is taking on a whole new landscape, and thanks to smokeless cigarettes you can make a change for the better in your smoking and nicotine habit.
Discover more about cigarette addiction and learn more about cigarette dependency by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about nicotine habit.

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