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You Can Have Stunning Landscaping With Zoysia Grass
Home and Family Author: Brian Jardine
You Can Have Stunning Landscaping With Zoysia Grass
If you have been looking for a sod that works well both as a lawn and as a golf course fairway, you just can't go wrong with Zoysia grass. With a fine, dark green appearance, this sod is sure to please even the most finicky homeowner. It is able to withstand heavy shade while being tolerant of full sun, which means it will fare well regardless of a yard's level of exposure to the sun. Amazingly, this variety can even withstand drought conditions and is cold hardy. It's almost the perfect grass.

Few sod varieties can compete with Zoysia grass. This grass is very resistant to disease and insect problems, unlike many other grass species. Maintenance is simple because thatch buildup is practically non-existent and a rotary mower can be used for trimming. Regardless of the application, this variety of grass will perform well. It's very resilient, able to take drought, frost, and shade like no other grass variety. Once the roots take hold, it has a very aggressive lateral growth, effectively preventing weeds from invading. Because it is so low maintenance, it is perfect for busy homeowners. Really, this is the only choice for any homeowner unsure as to which sod to use. In constant rain or drought, shade or full sun, this sod can give you a lawn you can be proud of.

From backyards to city parks, Zeon Zoysia is sure to please everyone. With so many great qualities, this sod can seem perfect. It is not, however, perfect for every application. Zoysia grass is highly wear tolerant but repairs slowly, making it unsuitable for high traffic soccer or football fields.

Contact your local sod farmer to determine which sod variety is best for your landscaping project. Each variety of sod, including Centipede, Bermuda, and Fescue, has its own ideal applications. Learning a little about sod before making a pallet of sod purchase can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Whether you are planning to landscape your home or create an attractive outdoor area at your commercial property, it is important to consider maintenance when making your sod choice. Choose a sod variety that is low maintenance if you do not anticipate having the time for regular trimming. Many Zoysia grass varieties, including Meyers Zoysia, are low maintenance and tolerant of a wide array of climates, making it a good choice for most landscaping projects. Alternatively, a variety like Bermuda grass has much higher requirements for mowing, sun and water.
Total Views: 354 | Approx word count : 450 | 09/21/2011
Writers Resource: Sod Atlanta, Inc. is a team of Zoysia grass sod professionals committed to the production of premium Zoysia grass sod and services. Sod Atlanta is a family owned sod farm located in Cartersville, GA that specializes in locally grown, premium sod varieties of Bermuda, Fescue, Centipede and Zoysia.
Discover more about Zoysia grass and learn more about local sod farmer by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Atlanta sod pallets .

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