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Worst Twerking Video
News and Media Author: David Johnson
Worst Twerking Video
There is a good chance that you have already seen the worst twerking video. It became very popular on the internet through social media and many networks picked up and ran the story also.

Of course, many were wondering if the the worst twerking video ever was real or a hoax.

I first saw this video on Facebook and thought it was funny. Of course, there were many of "This Girl Is On Fire" memes that were put in the replies to the funny video.

The Worst Twerking Video

The worst twerking video was posted to Youtube by Caitlin Heller. In the description of the video she was trying to make a sexy twerking video for her boyfriend. During the twerking part she had her feet on the door and someone walked in.

Caitlin fell over on a coffee table that had a candle on it burning. She broke the table, but her hot yoga pants caught on fire. The video stops with her screaming.

Was there more to the video?

The Worst Twerking Video Was A Hoax

The worst twerking video does turn out to be a hoax. The mastermind behind the hoax was Jimmy Kimmel for his late night show.

He revealed the hoax on his show and had Caitlin in an interview. It is here that they showed the complete video with the ending.

After Caitlin's yoga pants catches on fire and she is screaming Jimmy Kimmel enters with a fire extinguisher and puts on the fire. Caitlin Thanks Jimmy Kimmel and he leans into the camera and give a thumbs up.

The woman in the video real name is Daphne Avalon and she is a stunt woman.

The video was filmed about 2 months ago and they put it on a new Youtube channel named Caitlin Heller on September 3, 2013. There was no promotion of the video, they just let it set there and let the magic begin.

A week later the video had almost 10 million views on Youtube. Had been picked up by many news outlets and reported on by many local and national news shows.

This shows the power of the things going viral. You have to give props to both Jimmy Kimmel and Daphne Avalon for a great hoax that was the worst twerking video.
Total Views: 764 | Approx word count : 426 | 09/10/2013
Writers Resource: You can see the worst twerking video ever and get a good laugh.

You can also see a few funny videos featuring meteorologist Kristi Gordon
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