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Winona Lighting Restores Radio City Music Hall Light Fixtures
News and Media Author: David Clarke
Winona Lighting Restores Radio City Music Hall Light Fixtures

Winona Lighting is a leading lighting developer that is known for manufacturing quality light fixtures and for delivering custom lighting solutions. It is also one of the leading providers of decorative lighting solutions and energy-saving LED lighting products. One of its most recent custom lighting projects includes the restoration of the light fixtures at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. A total of 718 fixtures were taken down, sent to the company's factory, restored, and returned to the Radio City Music Hall.

The Radio City Music Hall is known for its art deco architectural style of design that incorporated the light fixtures. Among the fixtures that were restored by Winona Lighting were 9 foot tall sconces made of glass rods and chrome plated brass and 14 inch diameter metal bowl fixtures suspended from gold leafed coffers. While very striking and intricately designed, many of these light fixtures had missing parts and featured old-style lamp sources that consumed a lot of energy.

The fixtures were carefully crated and sent to Winona Lighting's factory where parts for the different fixtures were recreated and installed to replace missing parts. New light sources were installed to deliver the same high quality illumination while consuming a lot less energy. The fixtures were also aesthetically restored to their original sheen to bring back the glamour that the light fixtures were designed to deliver.

The fixtures were then carefully packaged and returned to the Radio City Music Hall where they were reinstalled. The restored fixtures gave the interior of the Music Hall a visually comfortable and highly appealing aura that is part of what makes this historic building an architectural gem.

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