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Wine Making Courses - It's Better Making Home Made Wine
Food and Drink Author: Carlos Perez
Wine Making Courses - It's Better Making Home Made Wine
A friend of mine gave me a gift of her own home made wine and I was amazed and inspired. I thought home wine making was complicated and expensive. She told me that she had to spend just a little bit to get set up with the basics. Even though she tried to reassure me that it is easy to make wine at home I still chose to look for wine making courses.

If you enjoy drinking wine often then you know that this wonderful nectar can be an expensive pleasure. I drink only organic wines, which can be even more expensive still. This was the first reason I started to think about making home made wine.

Here's To Your Health

I'm going to take a minute to cover the health benefits of wine for your body. Wine contains compounds called catechins that help prevent coronary disease. Even some types of cancer can be prevented by these catechins.

Red wine contains resveratrol which helps fight fungal infections because they act as anti-oxidants and anti-coagulants. We have all heard that damage to the cells can be greatly reduced by anti-oxidants. Who knew we could get them in such a yummy way!?!

Resveratrol is also credited with inhibiting formation of proteins that can reduce the heart's efficiency for pumping in stressful times. And, if that isn't enough, it is also said to help our cholesterol levels too.

Now, with all this good news, please remember that moderation is the choice of the wise. Many people think that because they are drinking a home made wine that there isn't much alcohol in it. Making home made wine can produce wines that are 7-18% in alcohol content. That surprised me.

International Taste

I love the variety of wines I can make at home. My wine making course showed me how I can choose grape concentrates from different regions of the world to enjoy international flavors. Imagine that, international wines made right in my own little kitchen.

Remember I said that organic wines were my favorite? I can make my own organic wines for a fraction of the cost in the stores. I believe organic is a great choice because we aren't taking chemicals and pesticides into our bodies.

Another benefit of organic wines is -- no sulfites. Sulfites are used as a preservative in most wines. Sulfites aren't good for our bodies. It's difficult to find sulfite free wines. Organic is just healthier and the flavors are purer.

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

In the beginning, after I tasted the inspiring wine made by my friend, I knew that I wanted to try making home made wine. I just didn't want to do it alone. I searched for wine making courses that would shorten my learning curve.

I wanted a coach who could hold my hand through the tricky parts. I am glad that I chose to do this in producing my home made wine because I haven't had to make some of the expensive mistakes some of my friends did early on.
Total Views: 770 | Approx word count : 529 | 09/30/2010
Writers Resource: Learn everything you need to know to about making home made wine. Of all the wine making courses available, none can do better, order your copy of Mike Carraway's The Complete Illustrated Guide To Homemade Wine today.

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