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Why Many Websites Fail: SEO Rules
Social Networks Author: Brian Jardine
Why Many Websites Fail: SEO Rules
After many years of building websites, it is clear that search engine optimization directly helps websites thrive and succeed. Many people forget that their websites are not instantly in front of people. As a result, their websites sit hidden from the world and fail to do what they were designed to do. They show their site to their friends and family. Then, all traffic ceases. SEO is a way to improve a website in many ways. In this article, I am going to talk about three ways that I see Atlanta SEO improving a website. These three ideas are the motivating factor for me when I work on SEO on my own websites.

All site owners want it. Only a small percentage get it. Website users don't really think about it. What, I'm referring to is traffic. Yes, traffic is the main reason sites either win or lose in the battle for web dominance. With traffic, a site can more likely achieve it's overall directives. Without traffic, a site is nothing more than a file locked up in a safe that will never be opened. Search engine optimization is the process of, organically, improving the visibility of a website on Google and other search engines on the internet. With improved visibility, comes increased overall traffic and the opportunity for great success.

Optimized websites are often the easiest to use. Google ranks sites on many factors, including how the site navigation is structured and how it is coded. A well coded site will be easier to use, as it usually contains style sheets to style navigation versus images. SEO is often about making site pages easier for Google to index. At the same time, users get to experience a website where everything is easy to interact with. At the end, the result is a site with a great layout and clean code. Atlanta SEO is the best way to improve the user experience and keep search engines interested in your page content.

For me, the most important valuable aspect of SEO is that is forces us to think about conversions and return on investment. A website is no good if it does not fulfill its purpose. If my website sells shoes, but no one buys the shoes, the site has failed. Atlanta SEO helps you to fine tune your efforts and improve overall site experience for the user. So, as a result, the user enjoys using the site and is willing to take more time to look at what the site offers. As a result, people are more likely to visit the products and the cart areas. If your cart is optimized, people might actually go directly to the product from the search page itself.
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Writers Resource: If you have ever asked "how do I get on the first page of Google?" then you have begun to think like a think in Atlanta SEO terms. It is our job to constantly work with Google's algorithms to improve the position of our listing on their search engine. We will initiate and control the buzz and build hundreds or even thousands of backlinks in order to get you listed on the first page of Google. There is no short cut in Atlanta SEO, unless you use AdWords. No, this is a long term process. And, this is what we do.
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