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Who Makes the Best Resistance Bands
Sports and Hobbies Author: David Johnson
Who Makes the Best Resistance Bands
A few years ago I woke up and the infomercial for P90X was on. A few months up to that point, I had stopped going to the gym and gained about 10 pounds. When I bought P90X, I was introduced to resistance bands to workout with. I started to wonder who makes the best resistance bands?

There are a few reasons that I choose to use resistance bands over getting dumbbells to do P90X. The main one was that living in a apartment space was minimum and dumbbells take a up a lot room. In addition, it can be very expensive to buy a complete set of dumbbells.

It was not until later did I find the best resistance bands for P90X. This was after I broke the resistance bands that I got when I bought P90X.

I know some may prefer to use dumbbells, but you can get a great workout by using resistance bands. Especially if you find out who makes the best resistance bands.

Who Makes The Best Resistance Bands: What To Look For.

There are few different types of resistance bands you can buy. There are some that have an attached handle that cannot be detached. For these to increase the tension, you play with the size of the loop or go up to another band.

Other types have handles that detach from the bands and to increase the tension you attached a new band. Some only allow one band at a time. My favorite allows you to attached a number of bands together.

My favorite is the second type that uses a clip system that allows you switch out the band quickly and you can use a number of bands together. This allows you to use tension that is perfect for you to get a better workout.

The next thing to look at is of course the quality. You can tell a lot about the bands by looking at the quality of the handles. Is is all plastic? Are they comfortable when you use them?

If it is completely plastic it is sign the quality may not be that great. I prefer to see some metal and maybe even some strong nylon for flexibility. Also I like the handles to have some foam to make it more comfortable and increase your grip.

Also the bands feel like they are quality. If you never used band when you stretch them they will feel like they are going snap. Some of the better quality bands have a snap break point. The band will get super tough to stretch and when you hit this, you back off because pushing through that can snap the bands.

How I found Out Who Makes The Best Resistance Bands

When I bought P90X, I got the bands that you can buy in upgrade from Beachbody (the company that sells P90X). I used this for a few years, but one day one of them snapped using them on Core Synergistics.

I was lucky because there was not much tension on them when they snapped. Also it was during the recovery week, so I had time to get new bands.

I started to look around to see who makes the best resistance bands. I found them. They are by a company called Bodylastics.

I read through the reviews on Amazon and noticed that the bands got good reviews. When there was negative review, Bodylastics responded to the review to see how they can correct the problem.

The handles are large and have a metal rings that the bands snap to. This allows you to use multiple bands during an exercise.

The part I mentioned above about the snapping. Bodylastics bands are snap resistant. When the bands are stretched to a certain point they get very stiff. You can tell the difference when you are using them. That is sign to back off and give more slack on the bands.

The one downside are the handles are very large that for some exercises for P90X like crouching cohen curls it does not give good tension. So I grab the rings. If you put the nylon between your fingers and the metal ring they do not hurt and you get more tension.

Everything that Bodylastics makes is very high quality. The band even have a life time warranty, so if they do snap you can get a replacement. You just pay for the shipping.

Boy! Do they work you when you using them!

Who makes the best resistance bands? Bodylastics. And these are the best resistance bands for P90X.
Total Views: 1265 | Approx word count : 827 | 11/14/2013
Writers Resource: You can get the best resistance bands for P90X from Amazon.

If you visit a more in-depth Bodylastics review there is link to buy straight from Amazon with no searching and buying the wrong bands.
Discover more about Best Resistance Bands and learn more about Fitness by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about P90X.

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