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What is Lumosity Brain Games
Self Improvement Author: David Johnson
What is Lumosity Brain Games
When I was first seen a commercial for Lumosity on the Discovery channel it immediately sparked my interest. But I was wondering what is Lumosity brain games.

I searched around to discover what is Lumosity brain games. I found out I could get a few free sessions of Lumosity and tried it out. I enjoyed the games a lot and after a few months decided to join Lumosity.

What Is Lumosity Brain Games?

After playing the Lumosity games for a while and have noticed an improvement in my cognitive abilities. This is exactly what is Lumosity brain games. They are games that are to improve cognitive abilities of the player.

This idea has been around for a while now. Nintendo even released it own version for brain games for several different Nintendo gaming systems.

What Lumosity does is it measures you brain in what it calls a Brain Performance Index (BPI). This is your score in the 5 brain areas that Lumosity tracks. These brain areas are speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problems solving.

Lumosity will also grade you against other players in various age groups. So, if  you have a 60% percentile in memory, it means that your memory is better than 60% o all other users in the selected age group. You can compare BPI and all 5 brain areas.

What Is Lumosity Brain Games: The History Of The Company

Kunal Sarkar, Micheal Scanlon, and David Drescher founded Lumos Labs in 2005. After 2 years, they launched Currently they have grown the membership to 40 million members. They also put a mobile app that has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

Lumosity is part of bigger research into use of computer games to improve the brain's performance. They keep track of all users and this information is available to various researches. Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, and the University of New South Wales has used this data in their studies.

The company has also been attractive to investors. Their biggest investor to date is Discovery Communications that has invested $31.5 million into the company. That is their largest investment, but they have received investments from other sources also.

This is the a short article on what is Lumosity brain games and not really a Lumosity review. You can get a few free sessions if you visit Lumosity's website. This will give you a few days free of playing the games.
Total Views: 539 | Approx word count : 442 | 07/31/2013
Writers Resource: It is also possible to play the Lumosity Games through the mobile App. I even played with the app and wrote a Lumosity app review.
Discover more about What Is Lumosity and learn more about Brain Games by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Smarter.

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