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What is Audible Audio Books
Reference and Help Author: David Johnson
What is Audible Audio Books
If you are a fan of audio books you know how expensive they can be. If you know of Audible maybe you are wondering what is Audible audio books.

I joined Audible about a year ago in their free trail period just to try out audio books. However, I forget about it, but recently I have fallen in love with Audible audio books.

My purpose of this article is to give you the answer to what is Audible audio books so you can make an informed decision about being an Audible member.

What Is Audible Audio Books?

Audible sells digital audio books, and they were bought by Amazon for $300 Million, so Audible is an Amazon company.

Audible still sells digital audio books, but they have a solution that makes audio books more affordable through a membership program. It is still possible to buy audio books from Audible, but as a member you have more benefits.

The very first benefit is discounts on buying books. An average it is about a $10 difference between the regular price of an audio book and the member price.

Audible also does have member sales, some of the sales are audio books for $4.95 or sometimes like buy 1 get one 1 free. These sales are only for members of the site.

The biggest benefit is the use of credits. Each credit can be used to get one audio book. Each month, depending on the plan you have you can get 1 or 2 credits and these can be saved and roll over to the next month.

The next advantage is the return policy. If you buy an audio book, but are unhappy with it for any reason you can return it for another audio book. The time limit to return an audio book is 1 year.

One extra nice bonus is you get a free subscription to the Wall Street Journal or New York Time audio versions.

The Cost?

Of course, each plan has a price and you have the option of one of the following plans:

Gold: $14.95 per month and you get 1 credit per month and you can rollover credits up to 5 credits.

Platinum: $22.95 per month and you get 2 credits per month and you can rollover credits up to 10 credits.

Gold Annual: $149.50 per year and you get 12 credits per year (all at one time) and can rollover credits up to 6 credits.

Platinum Annual: $229.50 per year and you get 24 credits per year (all at one time) and you can rollover credits up to 12 credits.

Of course you can cancel at any time you want. If you do you get to keep any audio books you got from Audible. They do stay in your account on the website or you can download them if you want. However, if you have any credits when you cancel you do lose those credits.

What Is Audible Audio Books In A Nutshell?

Know that you know the answer to what is Audible audio books, you should know if you want to try the free trail. If you love to read books, but have a hard time finding the time to read, audio books is a great option. With Audible you will have a great listening experience.
Total Views: 632 | Approx word count : 594 | 09/10/2013
Writers Resource: It is possible to get Audible free books through the free trial that Audible offers. There is more information on that on this blog post what is Audible ?
Discover more about Audible and learn more about Audio Books by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Member Benefits.

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