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What Is Brain Abundance?
Network Marketing Author: David Johnson
What Is Brain Abundance?
Every year new network marketing companies start. Some do create a lot of buzz around them. With new reps and a new product a new company is creating a buzz. The company is Brain Abundance and this a Brain Abundance review and answering the question for what is Brain Abundance.

What Is Brain Abundance?

The main and only product at the writing of this article is a daily supplements that helps your brain function more effectively. The supplements contain Sensorial, Astaxanthin, Ginseng, Amino acids, and other ingredients that are suppose to increase cognitive functions of the brain.

The supplements are mad to be taken 3 times a day. So a bottle will last one person about a month. The cost of a bottle runs $59.00 plus shipping.

This of course caught my attention because I have written a Lumosity review and that is one product that I enjoy and use almost everyday.

So the idea of providing brain food to also help my brain function I would be open to it.

Know that was know the answer to what is Brain Abundance, lets look at the leaders.

The company was founded by Eric Caprarese and Dr. Pejman Behrouzi. Eric Caprarese has a history in network marketing or Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company. He has been the top earner in several companies and he is also the CEO of Brain Abundance.

Dr. Pejeman is the Chief Science Officer of Brain Abundance and many of the ingredients in the supplements were added because of his research in this field. He has a impressive resume on the companies websites about his research in this subject manner.

The Business Side Of Brain Abundance

As with any network marketing company anyone can become a rep and sell the products. Build a team and you can make some great money from the network marketing.

The compensation plan is a binary plan with some extra bonuses. As with all binary plans you are only allowed 2 people under you. Any more than 2 people are brought in by you, they will go under a person under you. This is what is called spill over.

The spill over goes to your bigger leg. You are only paid on the shorter leg. This is one reason some people have a lot of negativity about binary plans.

There are other ways to make extra money in Brain Abundance. If you go to their website you can see a complete break down of the compensation plan.

The next part when looking at a network marketing company is there a market for it?

Just look at how fast Lumosity has grown that tries to accomplish the same thing with brain games. I would think these would be the similar people that would show an interest in the supplements.

That is one reason I looked at Brain Abundance and did a Brain Abundance review. So or there other people like me out there? I think so.

However, with network marketing companies you will have to learn how to market. You need to have a lot of people to talk to about your business. This can be done if you learn how to market online.

Once you learn this you can market any company or product you want.

What is Brain Abundance in a nutshell? It is a network marketing company that has supplements for your brain. While only time will tell the truth about this company, you can make money with if you know how to market.
Total Views: 2020 | Approx word count : 637 | 02/05/2014
Writers Resource: Everyone wants to loose weight. You can check out my Skinny Fiber Review for more about this company. I have seen many pictures on Facebook and this seems like a great product if you need to lose weight.

If you are interested having your brain function at its best you can also check out Lumosity. You can read my Lumosity review to find out my opinion on brain games.

Discover more about Brain Abundance and learn more about Network Marketing by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Review.

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