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What Are Some Kennel Cough Symptoms
Health and Medical Author: David Johnson
What Are Some Kennel Cough Symptoms
Kennel cough symptoms can be very scary for dog owners. We keep dogs for different reasons. Some keep them for companionship and keep them as pets. Others like to have dogs for protective reasons. No matter why we keep dogs, we are always concerned when they suffer from any type of sickness.

No pet owner wants to see their pet suffer, it is therefore important for them to stay vigilant on the health of their pets. The kennel cough symptoms may sound horrific, luckily it is not very serious in nature. Knowing the proper treatment for the kennel cough and kennel cough symptoms can save you a lot of money.

Kennel Cough Symptoms

Kennel Cough is a respiratory sickness that is often very contagious between dogs. Almost all dogs suffer from Kennel cough at one time in their life. It is very similar to a common cold among people.

The kennel cough symptoms will appear in dogs within a few days after your pet has contracted the disease. The more common kennel cough symptoms is dry and callous cough, snorting and retching after exercise, sneezing, eye discharge, and runny noses.

These symptoms after can last for ten to twenty days. In puppies, fevers may also appear among the symptoms. While we said the kennel cough is not very serious, but it can put dogs in risk of catching a more serious sickness like pneumonia. This is the reason that pet owner's need to ensure that their dogs are provided with extra care.

When a dog start displaying kennel cough symptoms it may appear worse than it really is. In addition, little knowledge about kennel cough many pet owners that it can lead to death. While kennel cough does not lead to death, it can lead to other ailments. So, it should be taken very seriously.

Remedies For Kennel Cough Symptoms

Very rarely does a pet owner need to seek medical attention for their dog because of kennel cough symptoms. It is generally recommended to us home remedies for curing kennel cough.

The most popular treatment for kennel cough symptoms is steam treatments. Another option is to use vitamin C in order to boost the immune system, another great option is to use raw honey and peppermint tea. All these methods help with the dry cough in dogs.

If medical attention is needed, antibiotics can be used to lessen the kennel cough symptoms. This is normally what a veterinarian will give a dog to remedy the illness.

The two symptoms that should be watched for is listlessness and rapid breathing. These normally appear after an extended period of time that the dog has been suffering from kennel cough symptoms. If these two symptoms are observed a visit a vet as soon as possible.
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Writers Resource: Kennel cough symptoms while may not be as serious as it sounds and can be treated with some homeopathic methods. However, some the two symptoms above can indicate a more serious medical condition.

You can find more articles and treatments for Kennel cough.

Discover more about Kennel Cough Symptoms and learn more about Kennel Cough Treatment by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Dog Care.

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