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Web Traffic, Sales, and SEO
Business General Author: Brian Jardine
Web Traffic, Sales, and SEO
I often ask why people will build a website and then just leave it there, never working on it to improve results. The fact is, most websites out there just don't meet their intended purpose. So, when I build my own websites, I make sure that I am focused on Atlanta search engine optimization.Without SEO, I know that my site does not stand a chance. People are looking for your product or service. But, if you are not on the first page, you miss out. There are, however, other reasons for optimization on your site. In fact, there are three main reasons that I perform quality SEO work on my websites. Here they are in detail.

Just like in real estate where location is key. In the website world, traffic is key. Actually, targeted traffic is the real deal when it comes to websites. Traffic can be increased by becoming more visible on search engines. Often SEO is used to achieve this by moving your site organically up the search engine rankings. Overall, most sites that see an increase in traffic have a better chance of taking off. Atlanta search engine optimization is better than paid ads as the results last for many months before work needs to continue. Essentially, no website can truly benefit by never being seen or visited month to month.

Website usability is one aspect of website design that is a key factor is website longevity. If you site is easy to use, you will attract and keep most of your visitors for longer periods of time. A little known fact is that Google looks at the length of time a user spends on each page. That variable has a part to play in how Google ranks your site pages. The more usable your pages, the better their ranking can be. So, SEO is a big part of usability. That's because we need to have a usable site in order to keep Google happy. In turn, our visitors are happier in that they are able to find exactly what they need when they need it.

SEO is useless if you don't convert the traffic. But, the result of Atlanta search engine optimization is often better layouts, content, and page structure. For instance, Google likes the use of H1 tags. Also, using ALT tags on images is a well known industry standard for site usability. Users also love these approaches. And, the entire point of having a website is to convert the user into a buyer. So, SEO is often used to evaluate the ROI potential of a site. If you are selling a product, how much of the content is actual HTML text? Limiting the use of images, except where it completely makes sense will help improve conversions and overall website success.
Total Views: 698 | Approx word count : 499 | 10/05/2011
Writers Resource: If you have ever asked "how do I get on the first page of Google?" then you have begun to think like a think in Atlanta search engine optimization terms. It is our job to constantly work with Google's algorithms to improve the position of our listing on their search engine. We will initiate and control the buzz and build hundreds or even thousands of backlinks in order to get you listed on the first page of Google. There is no short cut in Atlanta search engine optimization, unless you use AdWords. No, this is a long term process. And, this is what we do.
Discover more about Atlanta search engine optimization consulting and learn more about Atlanta search engine optimization by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Atlanta seo .

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