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Visit Seattle Washington for Culture and Diversity
Visit Seattle Washington for Culture and Diversity
When many people think of their ideal vacation spot, they probably think of someplace sunny with a sandy white beach, clear blue water, and swaying palm trees.  They probably don't think of brisk air and overcast skies.  But, if you head to Seattle Washington, this may just be what you encounter.  Still, don't write Seattle off just yet, as it offers a wealth of culture and diversity nestled into a stunning natural setting.

Seattle is a city known for its progressive music scene as well as its love of all things coffee.  Seattle offers much more than traditional tourist attractions, though the following a few things that you should soak in while visiting the Emerald City.

Activities in Seattle

If you've never been to Seattle before, you should take a trip up the space needle at least once in your life.  The Space Needle, a 602-foot construct designed for the 1962 World's Fair, is the undisputed symbol of Seattle.  As such, you should shell out the 17 bucks required to take the elevator up to the top.  Once there, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains.  And, since you're already up there, you mine as well order your coffee at the Starbucks (yes, of course there's a Starbucks at the top of the space needle).

To get a unique Seattle experience, head down to Capitol Hill for part of a day.  Capitol Hill is the most densely populated and diverse neighborhood in the city.  Broadway Street is a great choice for experiencing the city from a bit more of an insider's perspective.  You can check out the unique shops and then have a meal at one of many local restaurants on the strip.

Of course, if you've ever watched a special about Seattle on TV, you've probably seen a shot of the folks down at Pike Place Market tossing the fresh fish around.  Visiting Pike Place is a must for all Seattle first-timers.  Loaded with novel and unique shops, fresh fish, and history, Pike Place represents all things Seattle.  And, after a long afternoon of shopping and meandering through the vendors, you can refresh by heading across the street and grabbing an iced latte at the very first Starbucks ever.  The original logo and marquee still adorn the little shop that has since revolutionized the coffee industry.

The unique culture of Seattle, coupled with the wonderful fresh scent of ocean breeze and stunning panoramic views, provide a vacation experience that is a bit a-typical, but well worth the trip nonetheless.  And if you are planning on staying in Seattle for a few days, you might want to stay at a Seattle Hotel that is a great complement to your stay there.
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