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Vegan Meal Ideas
Food and Drink Author: Rachael McNaught
Vegan Meal Ideas
Thank goodness for globalization and global media. In the past vegan meal ideas consisted of nothing more than eating endless amounts of lettuce and raw vegetables. Do not get me started on how much tofu we were supposed to go through in a week! If you even mentioned that you were a vegan you were dismissed by corporates and vegetarians alike.

Thankfully the world has woken up to the fact that there is a cost to everything that we eat. Whether it is in the pollution which is created and the environmental footprint left behind by factory farming or the cruelty that many factory farmed animals have to go through just so we can get that fresh milk or cheese.

Globalization has also meant that we are now more aware of different cultures and religious sects and our societies are now more diversified meaning that we are more accepting of people whose lifestyles may differ from ours.

When all of this comes together we find that the world as a whole is now starting to recognize veganism as a valid option and lifestyle choice. With that in mind the range of vegan meal ideas has now improved dramatically over the last few years and even those who are not vegans will love these vegan cuisine ideas.

Using an Indonesian ingredient called Tempeh in your meals is a great way to get the texture and taste similar to meat without actually having to eat meat. Traditionally made from cultured and fermented soy it has become so popular so quickly that there are even tempeh products made from oats and barley rather than soy for those conscious of the effects of soy of the body.

One of the great things about using tempeh for vegan meal ideas is that unlike many meat substitutes, it is high in protein and calcium and for vegan meal ideas like vegan bolognaise or Sloppy Joes tempeh holds your defining sauce really well, making it a great substitute.

One of the most simple and cost effective vegan meal ideas id to use chickpeas and lentils in place of meat in your favorite recipe. They make great meals whether you use them in curries, soups or casseroles. They are full of protein, nutrition and flavor and you would be hard pressed to notice the lack of meat in these dishes.

Soba noodles are another crowd favorite when it comes to looking for vegan meal ideas. Originally from Japan, these buckwheat and wheat flour they resemble spaghetti but have a thick texture and slightly nutty taste. Use them by themselves dipped in soy sauce or as the base for a variety of dishes and soups Yum!

Ever heard of a paella? It is a current favorite with many chefs and restaurants and is usually made with seafood, but guess what? You can easily substitute the seafood with vegetables and have a great tasting vegan paella. For extra oomph you can also drizzle an oil like truffle oil over the top.

Or how about spring rolls with a Thai vegetable twist?

Apart from substituting foods there are plenty of vegan recipes that involve normal foods too what better excuse to eat chocolate and strawberries or guacamole and chips?

Use your imagination and look for substitutes to favorite recipes and you'll find that your vegan meal ideas will not stop flowing. Have fun!
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