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Travellers Love To Play Spin To Win
Travel and Leisure Author: Brian Jardine
Travellers Love To Play Spin To Win
With the high cost of fuel and a down turned economy, motels across the country are beginning to feel the pinch. How can a small motel encourage travelers to stay the night when doing so can mean going over a travel budget or cutting into fun money? A spin to win campaign might just do the trick.

How does it work? A small business offers each customer a chance to win a prize, it is that simple. From that basic premise, a powerful marketing campaign is born. Who could turn down a chance for free or discounted products or services? Here is how to turn the idea into a powerful boost to any struggling motel.

1. Purchase a prize wheel online. Connecting to the internet and visiting a popular search engine can be the beginning of a bright future for your business. Finding a website that offers quality, American made, customizable prize wheels and then simply place an order. By getting an American made spin to win game, one can be sure that the quality is exceptional and your investment will be long lasting.

2. Place the wheel in a prominent location. Many would be surprised at how quickly a large prize wheel can turn the heads of even the most focused drivers. While a prize wheel can often attract hoards of customers on its own, hanging a banner to explain exactly what can be won is a good idea. If the location simply will not allow for a street side game of spin the wheel, purchasing a smaller size and advertising the campaign through traditional media can yield even greater results.

3. Be prepared.
Many small business owners underestimate exactly how profound an impact a good spin to win campaign can have on business. Not being ready to handle the extra volume of customers is one of the worst mistakes that can be made. One unpleasant experience can spell disaster for even the nicest motel as a customer tells their friends and online reviewers about their unpleasant experience. Do not let the genius of a spin to win game be wasted simply because the results were greater than expected.

4. Make every customer happy. As business improves and more customers find themselves satisfied with the accommodations, do not be surprised to find that word of mouth turns that little motel into a regional treasure. Travelers are always looking for a nice place to stay, a spin to win campaign is a great way to bring a little fun into any travelers day.

5. Partner with local restaurants and entertainment venues. With the increased cash flow that comes with droves of satisfied customers, it might be a good idea to partner with other businesses in your local area. Partner with them to promote their restaurant and entertainment venues in exchange for discounted services or products. Use the prize wheel to offer your customers these discounts so your customers will get to know your local restaurants and entertainment locations and decide to spend their fun money in those establishments. You might even consider doing a special promotion at your partnered restaurant location and use your prize wheel to give away a free night stay or free additional activities with a return visit to your motel.
Total Views: 505 | Approx word count : 553 | 08/10/2011
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