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Top Tips for Driving Safely After Dark
Reference and Help Author: David Clarke
Top Tips for Driving Safely After Dark
There are a lot of reasons why there are more car accidents that happen at night. At night, your depth perception, peripheral vision, and ability to distinguish different colours all suffer. Aside from the darkness, you'll often have to deal with incoming cars that have blinding headlights. Add the fact that most people are more tired while driving at night and you'll understand why more than half of all driving deaths happen after dark even if only a quarter of all driving is done after dark. While safety should always be a primary concern whether you're driving at night or during the day, there are certain tips that can be very useful for keeping you safe during night-time driving.
1. Make sure your headlights are even
Did you know that headlights are often not aligned properly or are uneven, even with brand new cars? Or sometimes, they point lower than necessary; making driving at night even more difficult than it should be. To realign your headlights, you can refer to your car manual or you can have an auto repair specialist do it for you when you bring your car in for maintenance.
2. Make sure your windshield wipers are clean and working well
Your windshield might look clean during the day but night lights can reveal streaks that can cause glare when you drive at night. You can wipe your windshield wipers clean using a newspaper or you can check for any damage like cracks that might mean they need to be replaced.
3. Don't wear yellow-tint glasses
Have you seen the ads about yellow-tint glasses that are supposed to help you see better at night? They don't work. While the yellow tint is supposed to help improve contrast, what it actually does is limit the amount of light that reaches your eyes. It's generally a very bad idea to wear any kind of sunglasses while driving at night. The only glasses you should be wearing are prescription glasses.
4. Dim your dashboard lights
If your instrument panel lights and dash lights are too bright, you might be compromising your forward reason. There's no reason for you to not use the dim switch to help preserve your visual integrity and to boost safety.
These are only some of the tips that can help you drive more safely at night. One of the best tips for safe driving that you can get is to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape. You can have your car regularly maintained and checked for any problems at a nearby auto repair shop or with the help of a car repair specialist.

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