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Tony Horton Life Story
Self Improvement Author: David Johnson
Tony Horton Life Story
There is a good chance you have seen Tony Horton. He created the P90X and stars in the infomercials for the product P90X. He has appeared on numerous news interviews and many articles written on him. Here is the Tony Horton life story told in his words.

Tony Horton Life Story

The life story of Tony Horton is really the Tony Horton success story. It is hard to imagine where he was when you look at him now.

If you have done P90X, you know he talks all the way through the workouts. I think he is quiet for just 1 minute for one of the Shavasana pose or corpse pose in Yoga. He is always talking the rest of the time.

Some may find this irritating at times. However, when Tony Horton was younger he had a speech impediment. He used to stuttered and stumbled over his words a lot.

Although he is a trainer now, he was not athletic growing up. He did play high school football (his day pushed him a lot to get into sports), but he rarely played except when the game was already decided and the coaches were just giving players playing time.

It was when he was in college he took a weight lifting class. He loved the instructor and started to shape up a little. Then he moved to California and there were gyms everywhere and cheap to join.

It was here that changes started and make the Tony Horton life story interesting.

Tony Horton Life Story Shows You How To Be Successful

Also in going through the Tony Horton life story, he went through a secret formula for success. This is how he went from being a scared boy to the person he is today.

The very first thing is you need to know your purpose. This is something that you need to connect with on an emotional level and be sure to write down your goals. Also put these in a place you will see them through out the day.

Just like in working out, you have to have a plan. This does not have to be perfect and there will be twist and turns along the way. The other part like working out, if you have a plan you will be more likely to take action.

Action is the most important part.

The next part is also important and that is consistency. It is hard to be successful and be lazy when you are working for yourself. It will take consistency to make this into a real job.

Tony Horton often says that variety is a spice of life. It is also true in business. When you see something is not working out the way you planned, change your actions. This could be doing something crazy, unique, and living outside of your comfort zone.

Integrity is essential in your business. Integrity mixed with intentions is a very powerful combination.

These are the keys that turned Tony Horton life story around. They can also do the same for you if you put them into action.
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Writers Resource: You can see the complete speech on The Tony Horton success story told by himself. It is humorous and it can change your life if you put it to practice.

You can read my complete P90X review .
Discover more about Tony Horton Success Story and learn more about Beachbody Summit 2012 by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about P90X.

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