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The Problem With Online Jewelers
Culture and Society Author: Mandy Smith
The Problem With Online Jewelers
Let's face it; buying a diamond is a big deal. Not only will it be a large financial investment, but if you are buying an engagement ring it is also a substantial emotional investment. With this in mind many people won't even look at online jewelers and to tell you the truth in most cases I wouldn't either.

Yes, in general the prices of your diamonds at online jewelry stores might be incredibly competitive, the quality of the diamonds might be far superior and the security, guarantees and policies might make your diamond purchase far more secure and fail-proof than your regular jeweler, but there is still a huge resistance to buying diamonds from online jewelers.

This is understandable, like all emotional purchases we want the personal experience. It is not just about knowing that what we are seeing is what we will get, we also want our jewelry to live up to the emotional expectation that we have put on it. We want to look at our diamond and 'know' that it is the right one. Unfortunately you just can't do this with most jewelry stores online.

I mean come on; would you buy a car from a catalogue? Sure, you might see one in a magazine that you like, but at the end of the day you want to be able to see that baby from all angles, you want to see under the hood, smell the new leather and look at yourself in the store window to see how good you look behind the driver's seat right?

I have yet to see a car website or magazine that can do this, so invariably you head down to your nearest dealership so that you can 'experience' it in person.

Why should buying jewelry be any different? In fact buying jewelry is an even more emotional process, isn't it? How can online jewelry stores give you the emotional satisfaction?

Every piece of diamond jewelry that you buy tells a story usually it is as a present that marks a special occasion, an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or an engagement. Sometimes it is also a great way to say 'I'm sorry'.

Now, if you are a guy reading this, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. As women (and I am generalizing here) we place far more value on the thought behind a gift than the gift itself. In fact we don't particularly care how much you paid for something, so long as it is bought from the heart.

So, with this is mind, what if you could take it one step further. There are a couple of jewelry stores online who give you the tools to design your own stunning pendant, earring set or even engagement ring. You can take your time, choose a setting that we will adore and then choose your very own diamond to go in it. Wouldn't that make your gift even more special?

Now this is where a small number of online jewelry stores are starting to make life easy there are a couple of stores that will literally let you choose a setting and a diamond to go in it. But most of these are still, shall we say, graphically challenged. The vast majority will show you a simple 2-D concept drawing of your diamond and setting. The best thing to do here is to take your design to the offline jewelers and see what they can do to match your design.

But technology is starting to catch up and there is at least one of these online jewelry stores who now have the technology available to let you see your design in real time from all angles. In fact if you have designed a ring you can see how it looks on a very realistic looking finger, again, from all angles.

If you are worried about the quality of the diamond that your are getting, then you also get to see that actual diamond that you are buying through a Loupe' as well as view its laboratory grading certificate in real time.

To top it all off, if you go through this and still don't like your jewelry when it arrives, most jewelry stores online will give you 100% refund on your purchase.
Total Views: 706 | Approx word count : 750 | 06/20/2011
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