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The Online Lumosity Games
Self Improvement Author: David Johnson
The Online Lumosity Games
If you are reading this it is a very good chance that you already heard about Lumosity or maybe you are just wondering about about the online Lumosity Games.

I have been a member of Lumosity for about 6 months and I have experienced some improvement in my cognitive processes. I will not go into a complete Lumosity review, but go more into the online Lumosity games themselves.

What Is The Difficulty Of The Online Lumosity Games?

Most of the online Lumosity Games are very straight forward and most will be able to pick up with the objective of the games are within a minute of playing. The instructions on the games are well explained also.

All the games do focus on cognitive processes and they group these into brain areas. These include speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving.

Depending on your current level some games may seem very easy at the beginning, but each game does increase in difficulty as you continue through each of them.

There maybe some games that are very difficult for you if it a weak spot. So far example I struggle in some of the games that forces you to change thoughts to answer the questions.

For example in Brain Shift, they have a a combination of a letter and number. If the combination appears in the top spot, you say if the number is even or odd. If the combination appears in the bottom, you say the letter is a vowel and consonant.  

I struggle in shifting between the numbers and letters.

What Are Some Of The Online Lumosity Games?

At the time of writing this article, there are 51 online Lumosity Games. This number continues to increase as they add more games. It would be impossible to list every game and description here, so I will list a few of my favorites.

Familiar Faces - In this game you are a server and you have to try to remember the names of the customers and their orders. As you progress, the number of customers increases and the number of orders at one time also increases. As you would guess, this game is to improve face-name recall.

Raindrops has drops that contain a simple mathematical problem. You have to solve the problem before the rain drop hits the ground. As you continue, the rain drops increase and the mathematical problems get more difficult. This is to improve your problem solving.

Pinball Recall is one of my absolute favorite online Lumosity game. In this game, the bumpers appear for a second. When they disappear a ball appears on one of the sides. You have to predict where the ball will end up. The difficulty increases by adding more bumpers in the game. This game is to improve your working memory.

There are many more games for example, Memory Matrix, word Bubbles, Observation Tower, Color Match, Playing Koi, Space Junk, Top Chimp, and Word Sort.

Each day you play 5 online Lumosity games. Normally this will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. The majority of the games will come to like.
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Writers Resource: If you are still wondering what is Lumosity? In short, it is brain games that are suppose to improve cognitive processes.

You can even play Lumosity on the go. Check Out my Lumosity appp review
Discover more about Lumosity Games and learn more about Brain Games by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Online Games.

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