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The More Breast Cancer Information We Have The Stronger We Are
Reference and Help Author: Breast Cancer
The More Breast Cancer Information We Have The Stronger We Are
In this day and age, as women, it is more important than ever to take control of our own health. This job is simplified because of the Internet which has made it much easier to learn more about breast cancer. Breast Cancer Information is so abundant that women could have a very clear picture of what her treatment options are before her first appointment with her oncologist.

May Li, a woman in her forties, says she was devastated when she received the news she had breast cancer. "I felt like a victim, weak and powerless". Then her sister told her she couldn't just sit by and wait to see what doctors viewed as her prognosis. "This is your life! Take charge! Let's find out everything we can about every kind of medicine that will help you beat this". And so she did.

In the past people only had their doctors to tell them what was going on in their bodies. There was little access to learn more about breast cancer. An informed patient is an empowered patient. Knowing what is going on and what the possible healing road looks like ahead can also ease some of the anxiety that comes with this dread disease.

We are no longer stumbling around in the dark waiting for someone with a white coat and a degree to tell us what our health destiny is and what healing options we must take. With this availability of breast cancer information we can prepare ourselves how to choose the best cancer doctor and cancer treatment team. Maybe you live a holistic lifestyle and want complimentary therapies to be part of your treatment plan.

What is the difference between alternative therapy treatments and complimentary therapies? Alternative treatment is the term for holistic therapies, such as Ayerveda, (insert others here) that are used to treat the whole body and mind in place of allopathic medicine.

Allopathic medicine is based on treating symptoms not on treat the person as a whole. Complimentary therapies, such as Yoga, meditation, art, nature, are used in conjunction with, and defers to, allopathic treatment. This means that complimentary therapies are to support a medicinal/drug approach to healing the body.

There is no right or wrong to what you decide to do with the breast cancer information that you find. Each woman's choice for what will work for her is what she feels will be the most comfortable. Though there is nothing comfortable about fighting breast cancer. My sister died the same year as her diagnosis which was heartbreaking for my family. She chose to have chemotherapy and radiation as her main treatment.

She did study a lot about breast cancer on the Internet but she was most comfortable with what the doctors told her. She was afraid that if she went the alternative path she would waste time and die sooner. She was my best friend and so I accepted her decision and supported through to the end. This was her health destiny.

There is no way of knowing what the outcome would have been if she had chosen a radical, comprehensive alternative to the chemo and radiation. It was so difficult to watch her be sicker from the treatments than from the breast cancer. This was her path.

The Breast Cancer Information she gathered made her feel sure of the healing path she wanted to take. This is one of the most important things a woman can do to take charge of her body and life. My sister felt empowered by her decision and was ready to accept whatever the outcome was. That brought her peace which is something that is priceless for all of us.
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Discover more about about breast cancer and learn more about breast cancer by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about health destiny.

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