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The Mark Ewell Story
Network Marketing Author: Mark Ewell - Featured Articles
The Mark Ewell Story
At age 12 Mark Ewell had a life changing experience that caused such powerful emotion, that he vowed on that day that life would be different for him, and that one day he would live the life of his dreams.

Mark’s childhood dreams have become his reality.  He has a beautiful wife, six children, lives in an upscale neighborhood, drives the cars of choice, spends plenty of time with his children, and takes vacations around the world with his family.

To fully understand the fore behind Mark’s passion, we must first let him tell his story.  

One could argue his passion was about becoming financially independent, but that was only at the surface of a deeper and more powerful emotion.  At the heart of Mark’s passions was the determination to own his “Time”, the real measure of wealth.

Mark Ewell - Early Years

Mark grew up the fifth child in a family of ten children.  He and his nine siblings engaged in childhood adventures.  Sports were a big deal and a top investment for the local community and among the most enjoyable activities of the Ewell siblings.  The seven boys delved primarily in baseball as their pastime activity.  Dreams of one day fielding a team
made up entirely of players from the Ewell siblings, was a frequent topic of conversation.  

There was no shortage of talent, skill, and dreams among the Ewell siblings.  Mark’s father was a skilled plumber and his mother was a stay-at-home mom.  Each parent sacrificed the hours, days, and weeks of their lives in a tireless effort to rear and raise their 10 children.

Growing up in Taylorsville, Utah (A suburb of Salt Lake City) playing baseball was a dominant community activity and the sport most loved by Mark.  Some of Mark’s earliest childhood memories were of throwing and catching a baseball with his dad in their front yard.

A big kid with an arm to match Mark was able to throw a ball over 75 mph at age 12.  In the early 1980’s, Mark enrolled in little league baseball and was places on a team with some other talented players.

Mark’s team easily placed 1st in the local community.  They advanced to regional play and once again places 1st before playing the best of the best in the State championship game…and this is where his story begins.  He recalls, “For whatever reason, the stars lined up for me on that day.  It was a hot day… I remember walking into the stadium thinking how huge it was and how large the crowd was…I felt like I was in the major leagues.”

Mark started the game on the pitchers mound, and threw a no hitter the first inning.  On his first time at-bat, he connected with the ball and it sailed over the fence for a home run. 
Energy started to fill the stadium and the crowd’s excitement began.  Mark threw with precision each subsequent inning, and nobody was able to hit his pitches.  Mark threw a perfect game, a no-hitter! 
Even more amazing was at his second time at the plate he hit another home run, and then a third homerun.  In his final inning at bat, Mark found himself at the plate with the bases fully loaded.  The pitch cam fast and straight, and with one powerful swing, he felt the bat connect solidly with the ball and watched at it sailed out of the park for a Grand Slam! 
Not only did Mark pitch a perfect game, but he hit a perfect game! 
His team went wild, the parents and fans went wild and Mark was crushed under a pile of screaming kids, and excited adults in pure euphoria at their victory.

“As the excitement began to calm down” Mark recalls somberly, “I found myself sitting alone in the dugout.  I was flooded with such deep emotion that I could no longer hold back the tears.  This was the day I had always dreamed of, yet the realization came, that not a single member of my family was present to witness the game and share in my elation. 
I wept bitterly as I thought of  my dad who was so caught up in his job that he couldn’t take time off work to watch his son play ball.  This was simply not an option for a father shouldering the responsibility of raising a large family and held captive by his job, and he could not afford to take the time off work.  So, there I was…having the best day of my life and no one to share it with. 
My perfect day had quickly become my deepest scar, that will haunt me for the rest of my life”.

“How could I go home and tell my dad that I had just pitched a perfect game?  How could I explain the experiences I had and the emotions I felt? He needed to be there with me and yet I couldn’t blame him for not being there.  Is this the way life has to be? I thought.”

“I vowed that day this would never happen to my children.  I decided that very moment that I would create a life where I alone had control over my time.  Whether to attend a ball game, or a dance recital, I would be the one in control of my decision on how I would spend my time " no boss, career, or lack of money would ever control my time " I would always be
there for my children.”

At age 12, Mark knew exactly what he wanted out of life.  His dreams were vivid and his determination was strong.  He knew what his life would look like in ten, twenty, and even 30 years.  He set goals to achieve his vision and went to work to fulfill his dreams.

Mark Ewell - Introduction to Network Marketing

Fast forward to 1990.  Mark now 22 years old was working as a bellhop in a downtown hotel, going to school full-time and doing maintenance part-time on his grandparents run down apartments for free rent.

He answered a call from a friend who projected the excitement and energy of youth, “We’re going to be rich!” he cried out.  He invited Mark to take a look at a new business concept that he had never heard or seen before. 
Mark was introduced for the first time to Network Marketing " “the idea of owning my time entered my mind and struck a deep chord with me.  I also fell in love with the concept of earning residual income.  I immediately recognized it as the kind of income that would make it possible for me to fulfill my dreams and put me in control of my time.  So I resolved then and there that I would do everything in my power to create MLM success”.

The dreams defined and imbedded in Mark’s mind at such a young age would not be denied.  

Mark was in!  He began calling his friends, family and neighbors.  “I called everyone,” he said.  “The secret of owning your life was revealed to me and I felt an obligation to share it with others.  Everyone turned me down.”

“Nobody was interested.  Some even tried to straighten me out and told me to get back to reality, saying people can’t live a millionaire lifestyle while working only part-time.  It won’t work.”

“I finally had enough… I called my sponsor to tell him of my decision to quit, but he had already quit.  So I called his sponsor, my up-line, to explain to him my decision to quit and share with him my experiences. 
I realized at that moment that I had just found my mentor when he chided me with these simple words; ‘Mark Ewell, you’re not going to quit’.”

“He took me under his wing and together we went out and began to build a business.  A few weeks later I sponsored my first person, then another, and another, and another.  At the end of my first year in business, and at the age of 22, I was making over $10,000 per month.  Before turning 25 I had already earned over $1 million! And I have never looked back.”
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