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The Best Social Network for Women in Business
Business General Author: Cathy Taylor
The Best Social Network for Women in Business
Women in business want a social network where they can build both relationships and promote their products. There are numerous networking sites targeted to women who want to mom chat and go shopping, but very few are for women in business primarily. The sites listed below promote to business women wanting to network, and all of these sites are some combination of a free model with paid upgrades.
BraveHeartWomen provides a platform for women from around the world who are making meaningful change in the world. Women become inspired to take action that propels their own purpose forward through collaboration in this network. There are online in forums as well as the ability to create your own social networking community and upload your articles and video. BraveHeart TV provides prolific video content for budding entrepreneurs created by successful entrepreneurs including celebrities. Annual RISE event is described as a movement vs. a meeting.

Cons: Although you can upgrade to a Core membership, there is plenty to do here at the free level.

eWomenNetwork is a network for female entrepreneurs providing the opportunity to meet other women at local chapters where you can attend lunches and listen to good speakers. They also have an annual conference and the franchise appears to be growing in numbers.

Cons: Not an online network and has a paid membership model only; no freebies here.

Womanowned provides a lot of information online as well as some business tools. It's like a research library for women wanting information about how to start up a company and become a successful entrepreneur.

Cons: Networking and membership area not live yet and advertising is heavy on this site.

eFactor is a worldwide community for entrepreneurs. The site acts like a social network by connecting those with a good idea to users who can help them make it a reality including finding an investor.

Cons: No forums or chat rooms available and there is one event per year. It is difficult to find out additional information about benefits without completing a lengthy signup process.

Webgrrls is an online & offline networking organization of professional women focusing on propelling their careers & businesses forward. They have local chapters and monthly events. This site provides group discussions, job bank, local chapters, and national events.

Cons: Online discussions only available with membership; no real freebies here.

Empowerme is a membership model for business women that gives you access to a private network site (not live at the time of this writing), magazine, conference calls, quarterly mastermind and networking video conference, recorded calls, radio show, local chapter meetings and some promotional opportunities.

Cons: Emphasis on career advancement and empowerment vs. networking.

LadiesWhoLaunch is for women who want to launch their dream, grow their business and connect women entrepreneurs. Local chapters are franchisees and the company's revenue model is probably a combination of membership fees, local franchise fees and advertising revenue. The website features case studies of successful women entrepreneurs, as well as free resources like business templates. Community is for small business owners and professional service providers.

Cons: For profit model with advertising; also targets men.

SavortheSuccess is a social network that connects entrepreneurial, professional, and creative women. It is also has a business network for women entrepreneurs where you can read blogs, watch how-to videos and start your own community. There are national events and workshops as well as mastermind events available.

Cons: For profit model; limited free functionality in this social network.

Total Views: 1258 | Approx word count : 547 | 05/25/2011
Writers Resource: Cathy Taylor is an entrepreneur and freelance writer covering many topics in the business, health and the self-help sectors. She can be reached at You can find her website at
Discover more about social network and learn more about social network for women by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about women in business.

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