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Setting Personal Goals In Life
Self Improvement Author: David Johnson
Setting Personal Goals In Life
There are many who are not in the habit of setting personal goals in life, this includes me. However, after watching very successful people and reading personal development books, I have realized how important it is setting personal goals in life.

The Problems Of Not Setting Personal Goals In Life

There is a danger of not setting personal goals in life. The most dangerous one is just floating through life not knowing exactly what you want out of life. As one person said, "Quietly tip-toeing your way to your grave."

Because you have not set out exactly what you want by setting personal goals in life, you have to take what ever life brings you. It is a gamble, may be it is something good and great and it could be something not so great.

This is a little personal, but I have a habit of starting things and never completing what I start. By using goals this is helping me stay focused and stay more consistent.

So setting personal goals in life can help you take more control of your life and staying consistent if you find you are like me and starting thing and never finishing.

Some Tips For Setting Personal Goals In Life

After being around successful people, these are something I noticed also some advice they gave me.

1. One of the first thing you will notice about successful people, they are very clear. They know what they want.

Do not limit yourself here. If money and time where not an issue, what would you do? Think a little bit bigger things than you normally do.

2. You will have to use your imagination here. What is a sign that you have accomplished your goals? Think about that scene of when your realize you have accomplished your goals.

Then write this scene out like you are experiencing it now. While this is a future event, write it in present tense, very detailed, and put the date that you want to accomplish that goal.

Be sure to mix some emotion in your writing. Write about how you are feeling as this happens. You can write about the rush your are experiencing or the natural high you are on.

3. Decide what reward will you give yourself when you reach your personal goals in life. This could be simple or something more elaborate.

This gives you an award that is more tangible and something you can touch, see, and feel.

4. Put your goals somewhere you will see them. Take a few minutes everyday and read the scene you wrote above. You can take the scene you wrote above and make a recording of it. You can also rewrite it a few times, maybe changing things or keeping them the same.

This just drives the goals more into your subconscious. The more you do this the more you will focus on your goals.

5. Break everything down into daily production. Of course, you will not reach your personal goals in one day. Think about things you can do each day that will bring you closer to your goal.

These daily things you do should only be on what you can do. Focusing on things you have no control over is of no use.

It may require getting training or more education in order to reach personal goals. Before you do this, decide on your goals. The how-to and what to do will come to you once you decide on what you want.

If you follow the above steps setting personal goals in life, they will help you accomplish them. 
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