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Resume Writing: How Much Experience Should You Include?
Resume Writing: How Much Experience Should You Include?
Resume Writing   
Sometimes in resume writing, you may find that you need to downplay the amount of experience you have in order to get the job, or at least an interview in todays competitive job market.  Most of us are told from an early age that we should work hard and have as many experiences as possible in order to become a well-rounded individual. So the phrase too much experience, probably seems counter-intuitive; often, however, employers feel that someone who is overqualified for a position will expect a higher salary, and wont follow-up on the resume.
There are some ways that, without being dishonest, you can present your information in order to highlight your skills rather than your education or work experience.  A resume that focuses on your skills and what you can bring to the company and the position is a better style choice for someone in this situation.  
The format of a skills-based resume is different from that of a chronological resume in that, instead of providing work history immediately following your objective statement, you instead give a few short paragraphs that highlight specific skills; be sure to use examples of times when you have utilized those skills. Remember that the purpose of these paragraphs is to focus the reader on your skills, so avoid mentioning specific job titles; rather, talk about what you gained from those experiences.  
The skills-based resume, as the name implies, allows you to highlight the specific skills you have that make you the best person for the job.  Begin this style with a statement of the objective of your resume, just as you would with any other; however, instead of then listing your work experience, cite specific skills and instances in which you have utilized them.  Include the outcome of those experiences, as well, as a way to show a potential employer what you can bring to their company. Of course, work experience should be included in any resume; this particular style just draws more attention to your skills rather than your work history.
Honesty in resume writing is imperative; who wants to start a new job based on false information? With that in mind, be sure to include all positions you have held in the last ten years or so, even if there is a large difference in the amount of responsibility and/or pay from the job you are applying for.
If you feel the need to provide an explanation for the reason you are making this choice, your cover letter is the place to do so.  Again, remember that potential employers appreciate honesty above most other traits; being honest about your previous experiences and why you are, some might say, - settling for less.
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