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Raise Funds with a Prize Wheel
Sports and Hobbies Author: Brian Jardine
Raise Funds with a Prize Wheel
Starting a nonprofit organization can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, securing the funding necessary to carry out an organization's mission is a challenge few ordinary men and women would attempt. And, fewer would succeed at.

For anyone extraordinary enough to spend their valuable time and energy trying to find the next medical breakthrough or social improvement, however, an incredible new fundraising tool has been discovered. A prize wheel can be just what an organization needs to raise that all-important funding.

Here is how to do it:

1. Know the mission. No fundraising event, regardless of how brilliantly it has been planned, will succeed if prospective donors are unsure as to how their money is going to be put to use. How will an event planner make an organization's mission clear to prospective donors if there is no formal mission established? Taking time to fully develop a mission statement will also ensure that little money is wasted on activities not related to the organizations goals. Take your time on this part because it is extremely important. This should be a collaborative effort between all founding members.

2. Invest in a prize wheel. Because of its versatility, this is one investment that will be sure to pay off a thousand fold. From county fairs and street festivals to indoor fundraisers, a quality spin wheel can be one of the most effective way to attract attention and get those charity dollars quickly. Everyone one love spinning a wheel and getting prizes. Doing a quick search on popular engines such as Google will yield a number of quality prize wheel suppliers. However, an ounce of caution should be exercised in choosing the right company. As a rule of thumb, always buy American made wheels.

3. Consult an expert. Though not absolutely necessary, following this step can help guarantee the most effective use of a promotional prize wheel. With a good imagination and an American made wheel, however, anyone can accomplish seemingly impossible feats. When in doubt, try brainstorming ways to incorporate relevant information about ones charity. For example, if the mission is to find a cure for brain injury; use the prize wheel to relay important facts like the average number of individuals suffering from such injuries every year.

4. Enjoy the benefits. Whether it is used as a game to reward hardworking volunteers or right at the heart of an incredibly powerful fundraising campaign, the results will be no less than amazing. Remember to pass on this bit of marketing savvy to others looking to raise funds for a worthy charity. Our youth of today can help change the world, one spin at a time.
Total Views: 380 | Approx word count : 486 | 08/08/2011
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