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Poker Bad Beats How To Avoid Losing
Sports and Hobbies Author: Daniel McDonald
Poker Bad Beats How To Avoid Losing
Poker Bad Beat

Online Poker Bad Beat

hold em bad beat In Poker, the hardest obstacle to overcome is the dreaded bad beat. Players have lost tournaments, cash games and even small fortunes over a bad beat. In fact, the worst type of bad beat is the online poker bad beat. Why? Because it seems to occur more frequently online than it does in live poker.

Now I am not going to promise you that I can help you never get a poker bad beat, however, I can promise you that I can teach you how to minimize your losses, avoid many of the scenarios that create a bad beat and even show you how to recover and overcome the after-effects of a suckout or bad beat in poker.

Once you begin to understand how to better evaluate your game and overcome the bad beats in poker you will soon have the strength to beat poker and improve your game. Face it, the cards are not going to magically change and all of a sudden you will never get a bad beat. But, knowing how to better prepare yourself, you will begin to see how bad beats become a less important factor in your game and how overcoming the tilt or anger associated with a bad beat will improve your game dramatically.

Bad Beat Poker Stories

Every poker player has his own bad beat poker story to tell, however, the first step in overcoming the bad beats in poker is to stop telling the stories! We all get them, everyone is aware of them, now is the time to conquer the negativity surrounding bad beats in the game. Not every card is going to come on the river, and not every top pair is going to hold up, understand this crucial fact and you will begin to comprehend the variance in poker. For example, pocket aces will win about 85% of the time in a heads up situation, however, that percentage is reduced as more players go to the flop. In the case of pocket aces against 4 players you have a slightly better chance than 65% to win the hand on the flop.

Even worse, if you go to the river, you may only have a 35% chance to win the hand. This is why it is so crucial to understand that although most bad beats occur on the river, you want to play the hand with the hope of avoiding the river. Now in some cases, this is impossible, as players will tend to see additional cards to complete their drawing poker hand. If you truly want to avoid the bad beat poker situations you have been getting into, then you need to increase your aggression by the turn.

One of my favorite sayings in poker is "All the money is made on the turn". The reason is that players are more apt to fold on the flop and turn then they are to fold preflop, especially when they have a lucrative holding such as KQ suited or 10 J suited. Those hands want to see the flop and usually this creates the biggest poker bad beat scenario. Drawing hands are always dangerous to your made poker hands. If you want to beat poker and stop losing, then you want to become more aggressive by the turn. Doing so will reduce the number of bad beat stories you will tell.

Poker Bad Beats

So far we have learned that in order to win at poker and reduce the bad beats, you want to first accept the fact that bad beats will occur and that you must overcome the emotions of losing. Secondly become a little more aggressive with your made hands by the turn to eliminate potential draws. The final strategy in beating poker and minimizing bad beats is to consider the choice of folding when you could possibly lose the hand. It is far better to fold a hand even when you are ahead then to risk losing the tournament to a suckout. Players that get this concept are winning players!

Entering a hand with a weak hole card or a drawing hand usually results in a loss of chips either by missing your draw or by having to fold when your draw is strong. Therefore, folding a poker hand pre-flop that has less potential to complete a hand on the flop is usually a good idea. I realize that 2 suited cards preflop are attractive, however, consider that the percentage of making a flush by the river when you are holding suited hole cards is only 18%. Not a good percentage to call a raise or to enter a pot out of position.

The reality is that poker bad beats usually occur when a player does not select a good starting hand or when a strong starting hand is played improperly according to basic strategy. There are many ways to choose your starting hands that tend to hold up more often. Following basic poker rules and understanding your percentages is the first step. After you have an elementary knowledge of starting hands and percentages, your next step is to understand the way online poker software utilizes the percentages in dealing out bad beats.

Make strong decisions in your poker strategy by combining all of this into your game. Help is easily within your reach by reading the #1 strategy guide for online poker. Grasping the online poker software and developing strategy that coincides with online play will improve your winning ability and decrease your bad beats!
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Writers Resource: Learn more about poker strategy and how to reduce the Bad Beats in Poker by reading the #1 Online Poker book.
Discover more about online poker bad beat and learn more about bad beat poker stories by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about poker bad beats.

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