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Photoshop For Higher Design Goals
Sports and Hobbies Author: Brian Jardine
Photoshop For Higher Design Goals
Many positive thinking psychologists will argue that the best investment in time that a person can make is in clearly defining one's goals for the future and visualizing those goals being accomplished. According to these professionals, visualizing a goal as completed can help break down metal blocks that were formerly preventing one from achieving success. While many might not believe in such borderline magic concepts, there is certainly no harm in trying to visualize a happy future for oneself.

Unfortunately, many find it difficult to clearly "see" a particular image in their mind's eye. This may be due to a lack of mental conditioning that few with active imaginations suffer from. Regardless of the cause, it may not be necessary to simply imagine one's future as being bright. With a little creativity and a small investment of time, one can create an image that will clearly represent oneé─˘s goals for the future.

How? Well, one merely needs to develop the concept of the image. If one's goals are to create an empire of wealth and buy a home in the suburbs, creating a picture of one's self standing in front of that dream home with photoshop can provide even the most creativity challenged individual a picture of the goal which they are striving to fulfill. What could having such a picture do for the individual? It can provide a little much-needed direction for anyone lacking focus or drive.

Even those with a clear image of what one would like to accomplish for the future can benefit from creating a picture in photoshop that they can literally hold in their hands that (hopefully) reveals their future. On days when an individual feels that giving up is the only option, he or she can pull out this picture and see what they would be losing if they made such a decision.

Of course, creating a picture of what one believes will bring them happiness can also help clarify oneé─˘s goal and weed out goals that could prove detrimental to an individualé─˘s mental or physical health. Would not such clarification be immensely helpful in creating a happier, healthier future?

For those with no desire to "see" what their future could hold, photoshop can still be used to help motivate and inspire anyone with a short or long-term goal. If an individual has the desire to lose weight and get in shape, photoshop an image of one's head onto the ideal body can provide inspiration to work diligently on reducing caloric intake and increase expenditure through exercise. If you are willing to put in the time and effort you will likely be pleased with the results.
Total Views: 403 | Approx word count : 472 | 08/03/2011
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