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Photo Birth Announcements
Arts / Entertainment Author: Clifton Judge
Photo Birth Announcements
Photo Birth Announcements
When it comes to letting everyone know your beautiful new baby has arrived you have a number of options; Emails, cards, or photo birth announcements. Which are the best for you, and why are so many people opting for professionally created baby announcements and birth announcements?

Let's have a look at the benefits of each one so you can decide whether you are happy to send a plain old email, or personalized baby birth announcements when you finally become a parent.

When your baby arrives everyone is going to want to know primarily that the little one arrived safely, and that Mom and baby are both doing well. But what else do people want to know? Well let's think about it. As well as knowing baby is safe and sound people want to know about the more intimate details like the birth weight, time of birth, and most importantly people will want to see a picture.

All of these things can be included in an email, a card, or photo birth announcements, so which is best?

The Email

Modern technology has given us the equipment to send information quickly and easily. An email let's you send a broadcasted message to everyone in your contacts in one hit. This would allow you to write one message for everyone introducing your baby, letting them know when they were born, and how much they weighed.

Unless you happen to have a digital camera AND your computer data cable with you then you'll have to wait until you get home before you send your message to everyone. Something often noted by people that decide against emails in favor of birth announcements is that emails are very impersonal. Especially broadcasted ones that go to everyone on your list.


So how about a post card? Some people plump for a letter or post card instead of an email. These are slightly more personal however they only really allow you to deliver the facts and no more than that. There is normally nowhere for a picture to be included, and they can appear quite cold. Almost more like a press release than the sharing of a joyous occasion.

Personalized Birth Announcements

These professionally created boy and girl birth announcements seem to be becoming much more popular than either of our other two choices, but why?
When you are sending any form of personal announcement whether it be a wedding announcement, a baby shower announcement, or a birth announcement they are exactly what they say- Personal.

People tend to feel much more included and involved than they do otherwise, and of course these special professional announcements also allow you to include a photo or two of baby. The great thing is that the cards can be designed in advance so that when the big day arrives you simply need to contact the printers, give them the relevant birth information, email them a picture and they will take care of the rest. The same process could be used for baby shower announcements also.

So before your new bundle of love makes their dramatic entrance into the world why not organize your photo birth announcements so everyone can share in your moment of joy.
Total Views: 661 | Approx word count : 571 | 06/21/2011
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Discover more about birth announcements and learn more about photo birth announcements by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about baby shower announcements.

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