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PS3 Keyboard Mouse Adapter For Online Gaming
Games and Gaming Author: Evan Povich
PS3 Keyboard Mouse Adapter For Online Gaming

Have you heard of this device? It's referred to as the Playstation 3 Max Shooter. By employing the Playstation 3 Max Shooter Adapter you can now connect your PC keyboard and gaming mouse and turn them into a PS3 Precision Mouse and PS3 Keyboard with PS3 Turbo Rapid Fire function. Last but not least, soon after all this time, you can now take pleasure in your first particular person shooters the way these folks ought to be experienced!

Right here is what the PS3 Max Shooter Can Do For Your Gaming:

- The Playstation 3 Max Shooter Turns Your Keyboard Into A Playstation 3 Keyboard
- The Playstation 3 Max Shooter Turns Your PC Gaming Mouse Into A PS3 Accuracy Mouse
- Use Original Playstation 2 Controllers on the Playstation 3 With The PS3 Max Shooter
- Add PS3 Turbo Rapid Fire to your Playstation 2 controller or Keyboard / Mouse

The crazy matter is once {you are} online fragging all the various gamers these folks should have no thought, certainly no thought that you utilizing a PS3 Max Shooter using your mouse and keyboard to consider them out! How good is which? These folks won't also understand what hit them!

- Compatible with Playstation 3 video games
- Suitable with any version Playstation 3 gaming system
- You can map the PS3 controller button kys to any key on the Keyboard
- Appropriate with the majority of gaming mice and keyboards
- Elevated sensitivity, precision and smoothness (you have to own regulate)
- {You are} capable to adjust the PS3 mouse sensitivity by adjusting the side sensitivity tires on the PS3 Max Shooter
- Built-in Playstation 3 Turbo (PS3 Rapid Fire) function, 8 customizable auto-fire buttons
- Plug and Perform - Simply get in touch the Max Shooter to PS3 and it can power on
- Simplicity of use: Simply use the original PS3 controller to re-map itself to the mouse and keyboard
- Both controller analog sticks can also be mapped to the mouse and keyboard
- Appropriate with Playstation 2 controllers, light guns, racing wheels, dance dance revolution dance pads and more

It's just remarkable what the Playstation 3 Max Shooter Converter can do. It's not simply a gaming keyboard and mouse adapter for the PS3 but additionally a PS2 controller adapter (dual shock controllers, light guns, racing wheels, dance mats, etc) and PS3 Rapid FireTurbo Adapter which provides turbo capability to your first individual shooter games! Unreal. There's no other converter prefer it.

Playstation 3 Max Shooter / Max Shooter PS3 Diagram:

1. Games console Connection Display
2. DEFAULT / SET Switch
3. Turbo Switches
4. Plan LED Indicator
5. Regulate the mouse sensitivity by the 2 extra wheels
6. USB Port 1
7. Keyboard Prt
8. PS2 Controller Prt
9. Mouse Port
10. USB Port 2

Connect your Playstation 2 controller to the Max Shooter PS3 and now your PS3 Turbo functionality!

Take your Playstation 2 Dual Shock controller and connect it to the PS2 Controller port on the PS3 Max Shooter. You can now set the PS2 controller to have PS3 Turbo / Rapid Fire for PS3!!

Modding a PS3 Controller is tough and risky because of the intricate soldering but with a Playstation 3 Max Shooter it's a cinch. Where else can you have PS3 Turbo / Rapid Fire on PS3 without opening and modifying the controller?

Bring your gaming to the next level using the Playstation 3 Max Shooter Mouse and Keyboard Adapter. It will change your gaming (wins / kill streaks) over the Playstation Network and…….no one will know about it either. So watch out online gaming world.
Total Views: 1550 | Approx word count : 799 | 01/14/2011
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