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Online Business Ideas for Students in College
Business General Author: David Johnson
Online Business Ideas for Students in College
Being a college student can be tough. You have classes several times a week and like most college student you may work part time. Then when you graduate, it is not a guarantee that you will get a good job. So here is some help to come with some online business ideas for students in college.

The internet has changed our lives, but most college students do not know the world before the internet. Many of the business ideas I am about to write about did not really exist even 15 years ago.

I also suggested similar business ideas in the best online business ideas for women. Much of it will circle around a blog.

Online business For Students In College: A Blog

Why should you have a blog?

There are many different reasons for they are essential for a online business. Much I will discuss in this article a blog will be necessary for them to work.

Another reason is a blog is very inexpensive. The monthly payment can be as low as $25 a month. I would not use the free ones for the simple fact, they can shut you down at anytime they choose.

The free blogs are good if you just want to write about what you did today at the mall with your friends. But if you try to sell anything on the free blogs, they will shut it down quickly. Truthfully, they do not want you to make money or they want to limit the money you can make.

So having your own blog, you are free to write and sell anything you want. We are going to be setting you up with a business online.

What will you sell?

The list is limitless. Anything anyone will buy from a store, they will also buy online. You do not even need to buy products have an inventory or deal with rude customers like you would have to do in a brick and mortar type of business.

Most websites allow  you to be an affiliate of them. Amazon has a great affiliate program, but many other websites have an affiliate program. You can bet your last dollar that if a website is selling something online, they have an affiliate program.

As an affiliate you are just sending people to that website. If the person you send to that website buys a product. You get a commission for that sale.

So for example, I did a blog post on the best resistance bands for P90X. It ranked very high in the search engines for a while. Anyone someone bought the bands from Amazon, I got a commission.

However this brings in another reason that a blog is a great idea, but you have to have people to click your link to take them to the website to buy the product. Many sites will block many affiliate links. For example Twitter blocks any Amazon affiliate links.

So you can create various blogs about a product you like and then sell that product.

However, these commissions are low, normally around 4%. They are nice, but the next online business ideas for students is more profitable.

That is selling information. If you know how to do something with a program or even computer game, you can take that information and sell it online. You could set the price at what you think is appropriate and create a blog around that the product. Even give some of the information away for free in the blog posts.

Lets say you don't want to go through the hassle of creating your own product, you could pick an affiliate product and almost all info-products are an affiliate product. There are thousands of them online. You use your blog to sell that product.

The list of online business ideas for students in college is endless. This whole point of this article is to give you a good starting point to think outside of the box of unique business ideas that anyone can take one of them and make money online.
Total Views: 1068 | Approx word count : 739 | 11/20/2013
Writers Resource: I have also written several article on online business ideas. There are similarities, but one I really like is found at online business ideas for women.

I talked a lot about owning a blog above. This is my recommendation about where to get your blog. There is really no set-up and it is ready for you.

Click here and put in your name and email for access to an exclusive training on blogging and how it can really change your life in more ways than one.
Discover more about Online Business Ideas For Students and learn more about Blogging by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Leadership.

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