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Night Fishing Amazing Fishing Experience
Sports and Hobbies Author: tim fleagle
Night Fishing Amazing Fishing Experience
Thank you for reading one of our night fishing articles. You can target many fish species at night and you will be surprised how active many species of fish are at night.
For example if you go night fishing for crappie, night fishing for catfish or night fishing for walleye you will find these species of fish prefer to feed at night. Also you have very limited fishing pressure at night.
Night fishing also offers some great peace and quite its not uncommon when your fishing at night to hear many nocturnal bird sounds though out the night. I can remember one trip we were anchored off a small would area close to the bank and a owl flew right over our heads not realizing we were to get to his perch in a nearby tree.
I you want to spend quality time with your friends and family night fishing is great too. My son and I don't get to spend a lot of time together, He has two young children and a new job that keep him pretty busy but we make it a point to schedule at least 3 night fishing trips together each summer.
He loves to go cat fishing at night so that's the fish we usually target. But the main reason we go is to spend some quality time together and just talk.
Now night fishing is not something you just decide to do pick up a pole and head out to the lake. You really need to do some preplanning and there is some night fishing equipment I recommend you have before you head out for your night adventure.
It been my experience that you need to have at minimum, at least 2 night fishing lights when you head out on the water. Also I would recommend you do some scouting or preplanning as to what fish species you plan to target.
For example if we plan on night fishing for catfish our fishing locations are going to be different then if we are planning on going night fishing for catfish. Getting your fishing tackle rigged and ready to throw into the water before you leave the dock is another night fishing tip I would recommend.
Its a lot harder to change out tackle at night then it is during the day. In fact when I head out at night I typically have a minimum of three poles rigged and ready to go. I will use all my pre-rigged outfits before I do any tackle change outs.
Of course sometimes its necessary and when I Have to do it I have a battery powered ball cap light to so I can see what I am doing. These lights attach right to the bill of your cap.
A great tool when you are night fishing, not only for changing tackle but also for changing your baits and hauling in your nightly catch. Also as touched on briefly above doing some preplanning for your night fishing trip is very important.
What I normally do is target known habit areas where what ever species of fish I am targeting tends to feed. For example on the lake my son and I normally go night fishing for catfish on we target the beach areas because the big catfish tend to cruise the shore lines because that's where schools of bait fish tend to congregate at night.
If we are going to go night fishing for crappie we will target known backwater crappie habit areas were big crappie love to hang out at night. The big crappie are spooky during the day but at night it's a different story. They didn't get to big crappie for reason.
The hide deep in cover during the day and come out and feed aggressively at night. If you have the right night fishing equipment , do some preplanning you are going to be totally surprised at the size of fish that you can catch when your night fishing for any of the game fish that are night feeders. If you have never been night fishing I would suggest you start by planning a night fishing trip for catfish.
They typically are a bit easier to target at night for the beginner night fisherman. But you may be surprised at the number of game fish species that you can target at night.

Some of the more common fish to target for a night fishing trip are the crappie, catfish and the walleye. But there are dozens more that are active at night regardless if you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

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