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Newbie Article Writers, What is Quality Content?
Article Marketing Author: CA Perez
Newbie Article Writers, What is Quality Content?
It seems like everyone and his uncle tells newbie article writers to write quality content. Content is king. But, few bother to define quality content.

Just what is quality content? If you do a Google search for "quality content" without the quotes, you get over 330,000,000 results (as of this writing). Do you think there may be a few different definitions in that search?

Let's restrict our Google search to "quality content writing". That limits the results to a little over 39,200,000. That is much narrower, but still a number that will give you a mind-boggling list of definitions.

Since we are article marketers, we will restrict our search even further to "quality content writing for article writing" now we get a mere 7,990,000 results. We are definitely getting somewhere (smile).

Bear with me. I will make one last stab at this search. Searching for "quality content writing for article writing definition", we get a measly 3,310,000 returns that's about one per cent of the original "quality content" query.

Do you think there might still be a vast assortment of definitions for quality content writing for article writers? You bet there are!

Reading over some of those definitions, everybody has an opinion. I'm sure you have an opinion for the definition. I say you do because you have published articles and they are examples of what you think the definition should be.

That is the point. Definitions for "quality content for article writers" are subjective and relative to the conditions in which you apply them. Does that make sense?

You define it by the content you write, the audience you want to attract, or the publisher who may or may not define it for you.

Are there standards? Yes, there are. We will assume that grammar is not an issue, that your articles are grammatically acceptable.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself, as an article marketer, when attempting to write good quality content.

* Does your article contain good information that is relative to the audience you are addressing? You should know who your audience is.
* Have you researched the subject or topic of your article to the degree that the information is current and accurate? Are you writing from experience? If you are, you must still check for timeliness and accuracy.
*Are you addressing the issue raised by your title? The reader is expecting to read about the problem, the tips, or the solutions raised in the title. Do not mislead your reader.
* Finally, as an article writer, what is your goal in writing this article? I am sure you will agree that ultimately you want the reader to buy your product.

You must learn the skill of using words that motivate. Use words that motivate your reader to action embedding those words in the content without detracting from the quality of your article writing.

One last very important note, although quality content in your article writing is a very important part of the marketing process, there is more. You can write a Pulitzer Prize winning article and not make a sale! Why?

You have to promote your articles.
Total Views: 537 | Approx word count : 543 | 12/14/2010
Writers Resource: Do your articles inform and motivate buyers? Learn the art and skill of copy writing for article writers. Motivate your readers to take action and still maintain quality content. You owe it to yourself to, at the very least, read this review at that can dramatically increase your sales.

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