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My Thoughts on Football Manager 2013
Games and Gaming Author: David Johnson
My Thoughts on Football Manager 2013
Like many I love Football Manager and it is really the only video game I buy now. SI Games, the developer of Football Manager, takes risks with the game trying to enhance a great game. Most of the time they succeed, but sometimes they do not. In my Football Manager 2013 review I will give my thoughts on Football Manager 2013.

This is more on the normal career mode and not the new classic mode that allows the game to move along quicker and not have to worry about many details of the game.

One thing I always worry about when I hear about the new Football Manager game is if my PC is powerful enough to play it. Years ago I used to play on a very old computer and it took ages for it to process things.

My Fear Of Football Manager 2013

So any Football Manager 2013 review is going to mention the speed of the game. This has been a problem with many of the former versions of this game.

Football Manager 2013 processes really well and quick. However, if you want to run the 3D view of the matches you will need a more up to date computer. However, the older computer can still run the 2D view or just the text part if you want.

The Features I Like In Football Manager 2013

The first feature I noticed was the stream lined look of the game. It looks really slick and it is a joy to click through the screens looking at all the stats, players, and anything else in the game.

Your assistant manager is much more active in Football Manager 2013. He will give you advice on a number of issues including training, media handling, suggestions for new players, player relations, and tactics. Also in the matches he will give you his view of the match. Of course, it is up to you if you choose to accept his advice or dismiss it.

The training is now laid out in on a calender. You can choose what you want to focus on and the intensity of the trainings. There are all the other options to train a player in a specific area and new positions are still there. I found it much easier to navigate and understand than the previous games.

The other feature I used a lot since I play in lower leagues most of the time is the option to sign a player on a rolling contract or game-to-game contract. This makes it easier to bring in a lot of new players without spending a lot of money on contracts.

Of course, the downside is the player can easily leave your club at anytime as other clubs can offer him a contract without paying any compensation to you. You can also cut players very easily and not have to pay any penalty.

I noticed a huge part of the game now is the media. There are many press conferences that you can attend. You can send your assistant if you choose. This do get repetative after some time. However, my personally I like the press conferences.

Thee are also time to have team meetings and meeting with a player. I used these a little and they work very well. I have used it when the team was not playing well and with players not in good form. The next match I won 6-1 on the road.

I am enjoying my current game in Football Manager 2013 playing with Truro City. There is not much I dislike in my Football Manager 2013 review.
Total Views: 1058 | Approx word count : 629 | 12/11/2012
Writers Resource: You can read my complete Football Manager 2013 review

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