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Lumosity Review Brain Games
Product Reviews Author: David Johnson
Lumosity Review Brain Games
If You are reading this Lumosity review, then already know about what Lumosity is and just want to know if it actually works. Since I am not a researcher, I can only share my personal experience with Lumosity. Of course, your experience may differ from mine because everyone is different.

I have been a member of Lumosity for a little almost a year now. I have been not been consistent at playing the games. I will be honest there are a few stretches I went weeks without playing the games. However, I have seen a few results that I will share with you.

Before we get to my Lumosity review, you may be wondering what is Lumosity. It is basically playing brain games in the hope of improving your mind.

Lumosity Review Does It Work?

In my experience Lumosity did help in some things. Some results I noticed almost immediately after a few days of starting to play the games.

The first was improvement of doing math in my head. Before, I had a hard time doing simple math problems in my head. Some of the games are focused on solving arithmetic problems, you have to do them quick to get a higher score.

I also saw improvement in remembering things, especially with people's names when I first met them. Also to remember to do things during the day, that before I would forget to do.

The next part is just being aware or seeing small details. For example, noticing coins and things on the floor that I would normally not notice. Looking for things and finding them quicker because I see it and not over look it.

Lumosity Review The Science?

While I focused on my own experience of using Lumosity, any Lumosity review would be incomplete without mentioning the science behind Lumosity. Unfortunately, the research on playing games improving cognitive processes are mixed.

Lumosity will point to many research that shows a positive aspects of playing brain games. However, other research shows that there is no connection between the two. Some call the science that Lumosity used a pseudo science.

The same goes for some research that shows that Lumosity games can help prevent Alzheimer's disease and other types of diseases that can affect the mind as we get older.

No matter what the research says, there is a lot of money behind the ideas that Lumosity promotes. Discover Communications has invested over $30 million into Lumosity. This is why you see their commercials more and more.

The best advice I can give you is to try out Lumosity, it is free you only have to register. Then you know what is Lumosity, and experience it yourself. If you enjoy the games and see positive results. Continue doing it as there is no harm in playing the games and you can find out the answer to the question does Lumosity work?
Total Views: 412 | Approx word count : 523 | 11/12/2013
Writers Resource: One cool thing Lumosity did is they released a new app to play the brain games. You can check out my Lumosity App review for more information.

Hope you enjoyed my Lumosity review and it helped you make a decision on Lumosity.
Discover more about Lumosity Review and learn more about Brain Games by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about Improving Your Brain.

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