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Lies About Optimization and Rankings
Social Networks Author: Brian Jardine
Lies About Optimization and Rankings
I have been working in the field of SEO for about 5 years. In that time, I have seen and heard many lies about search engine optimization. Rather, I should call them true-isms. In this article, I will share with you how SEO companies lie to clients to get their business, to charge more money, and to get away with poor results. The fact is, you do not have to go into an SEO contract with blinkers. Instead, this article will show you the things to listen for in order to determine if your SEO company is telling the truth or just giving you the same lies that I have been hearing for many years.

There is no way to guarantee page one results on Google. Fact and fiction can be pretty hard to differentiate. But, rest assured, the idea that you cannot guarantee Google results is fiction. I can guarantee Google results almost 8 times out of ten. That is an incredible 80% strike-rate for Atlanta SEO success. I can do this because I know what I am doing. If your SEO company cannot do it, all they are showing you is that they do not know the industry. But, they are still charging you thousands for no results. The truth is, you can be on page one for your keyword. It is not easy or cheap. But, it can be done.

Your low page rank is keeping you off page one. Well, that is the most ridiculous statement. That would mean that all page one results should represent high page rank sites. Generally, that is the case. However, I have taken sites with zero or one page rank all the way to the top of page one. I do it all day long. So, I must be dreaming when I say that page rank has little to do with page one rankings. Rather, page rank relates to how Google values the links sent from one page to another. If you have a page with a high rank and link to a page with a lower rank, link juice is sent to the receiving page. Then helps with rankings.

We cannot get your site ranked because you do not have enough content. This is the worst, most ridiculous lie of all. If this lie were true, why do I so often see sites appear on page one that have only 5 or fewer pages. Content is definitely king. And, you do need a lot of content for good search engine first page results. But, you do not necessarily need that content to be on your own site. Articles like this one you are reading help affect Atlanta SEO greatly. So, your Atlanta SEO professional should be creating this kind of content all over the web in order to help your site rise up the pages of Google.
Total Views: 1375 | Approx word count : 504 | 10/31/2011
Writers Resource: ALG is an Atlanta website design agency specializing in branding for companies through website design, development, and SEO search engine optimization. ALG has built advanced websites for clients of all sizes, from online brochures to powerful e-commerce solutions. As an interactive Atlanta SEO agency, ALG is on the cutting edge of technology and marketing, with a strong focus on branding design, development and social media.
Discover more about Atlanta SEO and learn more about search engine optimization SEO by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about search engine optimization firms.

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