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Let Go of Worry
Self Improvement Author: Meditation Resource Center
Let Go of Worry
Shared from "I Love Coffee Breaks", a community Facebook page. Good morning everyone & happy Tuesday! Today's coffee break topic is "worry". Dale Carnegie is just one of many great writers who teaches that life is what we make of it. We are not products of our environment, in fact it is very much the contrary. In Carnegie's book, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living" he tells us that if there is a circumstance that worries us we should do 3 things: First, ask ourselves "what is the worst that can possibly happen?". Then prepare ourselves to accept it. Lastly, he says we should proceed to improve on the worst case scenario.Worry can cause many negative symptoms such as fatigue. Why waste valuable time and mental energy on something that may or may not occur? Instead, we can chose to take that energy and use it productively on brainstorming one of two things: 1) Possible solutions to the problem or 2)What lessons to take and learn from the experience.Here is another huge treatment for worry: Faith. I have honestly noticed a huge difference within my social circle between those people who have faith in God and those who do not. People of faith are more joyful, they smile more, and they seem to age slower. I believe that much of this has to do with the fact that people of faith turn their worries over to God and trust that He will work things out in their best interest. It is definitely less strenuous to feel taken care of, as though someone higher is in control, versus feeling like your on your own. I know that faith has saved me from pouring my energy and time down the drain of worry on several occasions.With that, I am going to leave you with this 15 minute guided meditation audio titled "Let Go of Worry". I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. If you know anyone who may benefit from this, please feel free to share it. Have a wonderful and worry free day!
Total Views: 865 | Approx word count : 346 | 03/22/2013
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