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Learn About Audio Production
Arts / Entertainment Author: Rick Fretboard
Learn About Audio Production
From Newbie To Understanding Audio

magine being in the room with Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville the creator of the fist audio recording device (phonoautograph). What would have that been like? How cold was it that way, was it raining, was the sun shining, was it day, was it night? When did he first dream it up? I mean, who really knows the amount of time and energy he put into creating this world altering tool. And get this it wouldn't be but another 17 years later until Thomas Edison got his patent for the phonograph.

Music Music Everywhere How They Do It I Don't Care

Our bodies are built to have noise as a feedback tool for survival. From communication to hearing danger coming. And now recorded audio comes into life. Born in 1860, exploited everyday from then on in human history. Think about it:

Ways Recorded Audio is Used
  • Recall Information
  • Weapons of War
  • Training
  • Hypnosis
  • Music Production
  • Emotional Story Telling
  • Cinema
  • Tapes
  • Audio Books
  • Sound Effects
  • Healing Practice
and just about anything else, if it makes a sound it's bound to be recorded.

Where To Learn About Audio

The year is 2013 as of this article and my quest for audio has really just started and the internet learning environment has played a big roll for my in learning about audio production. Two books have helped me really understand audio; "The Audio Expert by Ethan Winer and "Non-linear Editing" by Bryce Button chapter 9. These book dive deep into the audio waveform and the tools we have today to measure, manipulate, construct, deconstruct, and fine tune the transducent energy that flows out of the speaker and into our ears.

Training Aids For All

Aside from those two books I've learned allot about audio from courses people have produced on youtube,, vimeo and many many more. The reason I enjoy learning about audio tools and ways audio production works is because audio all around us everyday and sometimes forms of audio influences us and we don't even know how to battle the war of audio waves. I wanted to arm myself with the tools and information to be able to objectively understand what is going on and learn how to construct my own music and audio products the way it should be, as pure as possible from the comfort of my home. This has been a article. Stay Connected via the email newsletter.
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Total Views: 692 | Approx word count : 450 | 09/17/2013
Writers Resource: Understanding Audio and the Guitar Fretobard go hand in hand for getting good quality music recordings. And helping get the sound in your head into the editor.
Discover more about fretboard, acoustics, audio and learn more about by reading this article. You are sure to find what you are looking for about .

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