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If you are fighting for your marriage then adapting to change is vital
Home and Family Author: Steve Byron
If you are fighting for your marriage then adapting to change is vital
Are you at the point within your relationship where you're fighting for your marriage. So where has everything gone wrong? If the relationship has started to fail you should sit down and work out what could have triggered this. Many times it is not just a recent event but an accumulation of factors probably over a lot of years. If you are serious about saving your marriage before it starts to get to the point of no return, then speaking amicably with your husband or wife is the very first thing that you should do.
Although this is probably the last thing that you want to do, the longer you leave it the harder it will become. You must tackle things head on as spoken words are much more powerful and will stay in the mind of somebody much longer than if it was put in writing.

There are many things that may trigger the beginning of problems in any relationship and a major one is the feeling that you are not getting the love you want. When this happens you may sometimes look outside your marriage for the attention which you crave but you need to resist this temptation.
If you do start to stray, you are basically saying that saving your marriage is not what you want. Therefore you need to think long and hard before starting any sort of relationship outside of your marriage.

Every person has their faults and the quickest route to ruining a good relationship is to keep going on about your partners. If your partner has a specific fault do not tackle it head on to start with, this will be a sure-fire way for them to dig their heels in and you will get nowhere using this approach.

Start by making subtle suggestions so as not to start an argument. Your partner should pick up on these and usually will change the way they do things naturally. By doing this you will have won the battle but without making them feel as if you have got the upper hand.

Fighting for your marriage is something that you have both done from the day that you got married. Everything you have done to please your partner, has been done so that your marriage will run smoothly. Unfortunately over time people change as their circumstances change and the person you married then is probably not the same person that you are with now.

Adapting to change is a major factor when trying to keep a relationship strong and you must learn to accept this. Change however must be a two way thing because it is nearly impossible to maintain a successful relationship if both partners will not agree to this.

Remember when fighting for your marriage, you as an individual have needs also so any changes have to be beneficial to both parties. This is where a lot of relationships break down again as you are so busy trying to please your partner that you forget about your own needs. Then a little way down the road resentment sets in because one partner feels that the other is getting more attention than they are giving.
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So if you are fighting for your marriage, remember this. You cannot change what happened yesterday but you can change what is happening today and begin planting seeds for the future.

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