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How to Rewrite Articles - 10 Tips
Article Marketing Author: CA Perez
How to Rewrite Articles - 10 Tips
This short article gives some tips and ideas on how to rewrite articles. Rewriting articles is one smart way to re-package your articles for posting to multiple directories, your blog, and forums. Rewrite articles to create free reports for your readers.

There's is nothing more frustrating than reading an article you found interesting and then following the link where you expect to find more interesting material only to find the same article when you get to the new site. It happens for one of two reasons.

One, the author is lazy and doesn't really care. Or, two, the author doesn't know any better. You can solve the problem by directing your reader to a different page or post on your site or by rewriting the original article. This article gives some tips on how to rewrite articles.

It first happened to me on my own site. I found an old article of mine on the internet and followed the link to test it. Was I surprised to find that I was directed to the same article on my own website! Not good! Has this ever happened to you?

Being a newbie, it never crossed my mind that I was directing readers to the same article. I am now a firm believer in rewriting articles. Some call it "spinning". I don't. There is a difference. Spinning articles implies an automated regurgitation of an original article, either yours are someone else's doing that is a waste of your time and money.

Rewriting articles is just that, rewriting your articles. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when rewriting articles.

  1. Do your rewriting right after you write the original. It is fresh in your memory and easier to come up with alternatives.
  2. Rewrite paragraph by paragraph.
  3. Use synonyms or rearrange the sentences.
  4. Take advantage of unused keywords. Use them in your rewritten article.
  5. Do not limit your changes to just words, phrases, or sentences. Change a paragraph at a time.
  6. For best results, change all the paragraphs. Write at least two versions for each paragraph, more is better.
  7. With two or more versions and a quality rewriting tool, you can easily generate 10-20 new unique articles.
  8. Do not use article "spinning software" that randomly replaces words with synonyms or that uses a thesaurus. It is a waste of your time and money and it defeats your purpose. Most often it will result in gibberish.
  9. Rewriting your articles and submitting them to different directories increases your search engine optimization (SEO).
  10. Always check your work with a good comparison tool and check for uniqueness, 75% or better is ideal.
Take advantage of unused keywords in your rewritten article
Remember, your intent is to give a reader a unique article to read. It may cover the same subject matter but it is different. The reader will be less likely to leave your site, if he/she is not reading the same words.

In addition to improving your SEO, rewriting decreases your website bounce rate. Readers are less likely to leave your site if they are reading something different.

I think you would agree that rewriting your original articles for multiple submissions makes sense.
Total Views: 1804 | Approx word count : 575 | 01/20/2010
Writers Resource: Wouldn't you like to provide readers with unique content without having to slave over re-writing the article repeatedly? You can! Article spinning software that is not automated gibberish and that gives you total control is available.

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