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How to Photoshop For a Tradeshow
Technology Author: Brian Jardine
How to Photoshop For a Tradeshow
Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity for you to put your Photoshop software to the ultimate test. If you are designing for a trade show, you will notice that there are many types of layouts and print sizes for which to design. You could design banners, vertical panels, brochures, flyers, nifty little take-away booklets, business cards, and more.

Obviously, if you are trying to learn how to photo shop for a trade show, you will likely want to know the difference between all the different sizes and formats. The key is to know your printer's limitations. Start by identifying exactly what your printer is capable of printing. Do not setup in your mind what the tradeshow booth will look like until you know the facts. Some printers just do not facilitate all the available formats. But, the chances are, your printer has a good selection of available options. Check with them before you do anything!

Now, let us say that you are going to be designing a vertical panel, a brochure, a flyer, and a vinyl banner. Where do you start? Knowing how to photo shop how to photoshop these formats are not part of any built-in tutorial within the software. Again, you start at the printer. Find out exactly what the dimensions are of each item. Then, find out what paper/surface they are printing on. Also, find out how the cut their paper. Find out what bleed to setup so they can be left with a clean cut and ink all the way to the edge.

Once you have done all this, you can actually begin to design your work. Now, for the smaller documents, you will want to setup your file at 300 dpi. This setting is for high resolution. For your vertical panels, you will want to setup your file at about 110dpi. But, always check with your customer rep at the printer. One setting that is always going to be a given for print is your color mode. Make sure you choose CMYK.

How, you are on your way to learning how to photo shop for a trade show. But, let us think for a moment about a trade show booth. What is the most important thing to consider with a trade show booth? If you have a booth at a trade show, you want people to come to your booth. So, when you are designing for a booth, be sure to remember to attract passers by. It is important to have a catchy theme or headline. And, it is extremely necessary to keep that theme consistent on every item you create. So, be sure to match everything up as best you can. Keep your colors consistent. And, use the logo everywhere, so that it's clear to all that this booth represents the intended brand.
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