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How to Photo Shop Using a Keyboard
Sports and Hobbies Author: Brian Jardine
How to Photo Shop Using a Keyboard
One great thing about Photoshop is that you can use your keyboard to activate tools, and do certain functions. This can save oodles of time, cutting production costs. For designers, this is an essential part of being more efficient and keeping costs down for clients. Shortcuts will help you activate tools, move layers top the top of the workspace, and even save for web. In this article, we will discover some fancy tricks on the keyboard.

Moving objects

You can move objects around using the move tool. Sometimes, you have to switch between tools. The V key allows you to activate the move tool almost any time you are in Photoshop. How to photo shop quickly depends a lot on how quickly you can activate a tool and continue working. You do not want to constantly use your mouse each time you want to do something.

Moving Around While Zoomed In

Here is another tip. If you want to zoom in quickly, her is how to photo shop while being zoomed in to an image. First, you can hit the Z key in order to activate the zoom tool. Go ahead and zoom into an area on your file. You can click and highlight an area or just click once to zoom in. Now, on your keyboard, hit and hold the spacebar. You will see the hand cursor appear. Now, you can move around the workspace by clicking and dragging your mouse.

Making Selections Easily

It is quite easy to make selections using your keyboard. Follow these instructions on how to photo shop selections quickly. So, go to your layers and simply CNTRL and click on the layer. You will see that everything but the negative space has been selected. That is all you need to do. No more selections by hand are needed, unless you specifically want an particular area to be selected.

You can also use the keyboard to adjust your selections. To make a selection larger, hit the SHIFT key. To make them smaller, hit the ALT key. After you press these keys you will see either a plus or minus sign next to your selection icon. So, if you are using the lasso tool, you can then add or subtract to your selection. It is faster to use these shortcuts and will save you time and money.

Showing Rulers and Guides

You can easily turn your guides on and off using the CNTRL and Semicolon. This will allow you to place ruler lines on your document as guides and then hide them when you want to see the final work without any distractions. The show/hide rulers feature can also be a good guide for your printer if they are going to print out and crop the design.
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