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How To Be Successful In Network Marketing
Network Marketing Author: David Johnson
How To Be Successful In Network Marketing
Many wonder how to be successful in network marketing. We all know the benefits of being successful in network marketing because this is what is promised in all the business opportunity meetings. They promise that you will have financial freedom and no longer be tied to a clock. So, we have more time to do our hobby and to spend time with family and friends.

There are many companies that tell you you need to join that company and you will be successful. Many of the so-called guru's will say, "Buy my training and I will show you how to be successful." With all these claims it can be very confusing if you are trying to figure out exactly how to be successful in network marketing.

The Myths About How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

The following is what I am calling myths because they do not guarantee you success in Network Marketing. These do help, but they are not absolutely needed to make money in a MLM.

Many will say join my company and you will be successful. They may point to how great the product is or how great the compensation plan is. However, just take a look at company's income disclosure (they must have one according to the law) and you will notice that some are making a lot of money, but the majority of the people in the company are making nothing, and most are losing money. So joining the "right" company will not make you a successful networker.

A similar myth is spread by some gurus, that is getting the right training. However, truth be told very few of these gurus know how to market. Most make a product and rely on affiliates to actually market the product. There are some great products, but many of them are based in theory as the guy or gal teaching it may have little or no experience in marketing. They basically take information and repackage it into some type of product.  

The other side of these myth is the promise of finding the perfect marketing strategy will catapult you to be successful. The numerous marketing strategies and product launches every week is staggering. This can create information overload for most. This creates categories that many fall into when they go through these types of trainings.  

Some will try out the strategy or put the training in action, and do have success. Others, try it, but run into a problem and stop. Others learn it, but never put it into action. The the last group buys the product, but never go through the training. Most fall into the last three groups, this keeps the guru and training programs with enough customers that will continue to buy product after product.

Many marketers live from product to product launch. Without these launches, they would make little or no money.  

A lot of nuggets there and I strayed off topic a little. But, I think we clearly say that knowing how to do something while important, does not mean that you will be successful in MLM.

The next is joining the right team. Very similar the join the right company myth. Very similar to the company myth. Joining a great team and having a great up-line, does not mean that you will succeed.

Some will tell you that you need a mentor. This could be someone in your up-line or a leader that you follow. Again having a great mentor definitely helps, but does not mean that you will be successful.

I know that it may seem that I am being negative when I am writing these myths. It is actually a little fun:-)

Having all the above is great and helps, but notice they are outside of you. There are two things that come from the inside, and if you have them you are guaranteed to be successful in network marketing. Have just 1 and you will not succeed in MLM.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

There two things that will ensure that you will be successful in network marketing. The number one thing is desire. Luckily, most have a desire for a better life. It is just natural. You may need to hone that desire to be more focused, but that is not that hard to do.  

If you have a clear desire to be successful in network marketing, then the chances of you finding a way to be successful is good. But, you can guarantee your success if you have desire and the success thought process.

What is the success thought process?

This is the willingness to train yourself to think like successful people. There is no course that I know of that can teach you how to think like successful people. But there is two ways you can do this. That is through reading and listening to audios of successful people. This done over time you will start emulate the ideas in the audios and in the writings.

When you start thinking like successful people, you will start doing the action that is required to be successful. Then you are successful.

May be you were hoping for something more complicated, but now you know how to be successful in network marketing. No start reading and listening to audio daily.
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Writers Resource: Struggling in network marketing? Here is how to be successful in network marketing

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